Chicago Cubs Of New: A Tale Of Two Years

Jason GuestContributor ISeptember 5, 2008

Two years ago, Cubs fans were trying not to think about another loss. At that time the Cubs were tied with the second least number of wins in the majors at 55 with the then Devil Rays, a team who (until this year) has never had a winning season. 

At this time last year, the Cubs had the second worst run differential at -132.

Fast forward to today and you'll see two totally different ball-clubs. Tied for the most wins in baseball at 85 with those same Rays, the Cubs are looking like one of the premier teams in the league, but championships are not handed out after 141 games. It is a 162-game schedule with a three-round playoff system.

It takes a team built to takeover a series to make a serious run come playoff time. As of late, the Cubs have hit a little bit of a snag by losing six straight and looking like the "Cubs of old."

They do not have a clear cut MVP type player in their lineup. They do not have a 20-game winner in their rotation. They do not even have fate on their side (at least not for the last 100 years). 

However, these are NOT the "Cubs of old."

The old Cubs had an MVP player like Sammy Sosa, or a Cy Young player like Greg Maddux. The team was usually focused around one or two superstar players and that was it.

The new Cubs, though, are quite different. They are the true definition of a "team." They have a +172 run differential, by far the best in baseball. They lead the league in batting average, runs, OBP, SLG, OPS and BAA (batting average against).

They are also second in ERA, opponent OPS and WHIP. This team has been assembled by Jim Hendry, not to just make the playoffs, but to win the World Series.

That is why Cubs fans are so worried about the recent skid. In years past, Cubs fans did not want to get their hopes up too much. Now that the Cubs are playing well their fans expect them to win everyday, but with great expectations comes great disappointment.

Each loss is agonizing causing long sleepless nights for even the most die-hard of fans. But, with every win each Cubs fan feels like a proud father watching his child get the game-winning hit.

For the Cubs to win the World Series, they will have to pump up the volume and start mowing down opponents one-by-one. It is important to put this losing streak behind them, start winning series and let all other things work themselves out. If they can do that, they will be just fine.