The Top 10 Worst Quarterbacks Currently in the NFL

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The Top 10 Worst Quarterbacks Currently in the NFL
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For every Peyton Manning, there are five Ryan Leafs. We don't have to get into history or statistics to find out if that's literally correct, but it's fairly well accepted.

That's just the way it is. Drafting a quarterback with the first overall pick does not mean he's a lock to rescue your franchise. 

See: Tim Couch

See: JaMarcus Russell

Even drafting a quarterback a round later when his stock slips a bit doesn't always mean he'll be what you expected. In fact, sometimes a quality quarterback can drop all the way to the sixth round, and he can end up being better than the majority of the guys selected in the first few rounds in his draft—and even for several drafts to come.

See: Tom Brady

This is all going somewhere, I promise. While we all spend our time and breath on the golden boys of the NFL, we rarely care to extend our attention to the backups and third stringers that somehow make it into the league—and more importantly, somehow stick around for what seems like forever and get paid good money, despite not having anywhere near the level of talent as the guys directly ahead of them.

Sometimes that means they're just average, and other times that means they defy the odds and all logic by somehow keeping a job in such a seemingly competitive field.

The following list, in no particular order, credits the 10 worst current NFL quarterbacks that are on an NFL roster—and God help us all, absolutely should not be.

In the name of T.J. Rubley, read on.

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