Brett Favre: Should the Vikings QB Call It a Career With 3 Weeks Remaining?

Ryan CookContributor INovember 20, 2016

The heavens opened, the snow fell, and the Metrodome caved in quicker than a loving parent caught in the cereal aisle with a screaming child by their side.

But who cares about that, right?

Brett Favre's consecutive starting streak is now over, and although Week 14 featured a number of critical games and plays, once again the aged miracle man managed to steal headlines with three weeks remaining in the season.

What else is new?

Not much to be frank, that is if you ignore the fact that Favre is no longer a shoo-in to achieve his desired perfect "300 consecutive games started" tally that seemed almost inevitable three weeks ago, after taking a back seat in the Vikings clash with the New York Giants on Monday night.

Being replaced by backup quarterback Tarvaris Jackson, the old and frail beard of No. 4 looked noticeably worse for wear as Leslie Frazier's go-to guy stood on the sidelines, overlooking a downright dismal display by his newfound beloved team.

The Vikings lost to New York 21-3, sending their overall record to 5-8 during a highly possible Super Bowl-like season.

Making matters worse, Tarvaris Jackson now looks questionable ahead of the Vikings critical NFC North clash with the Chicago Bears this week, sustaining a turf toe injury prompting third-string replacement Joe Webb into the limelight.

Perhaps none of this matters to Brett Favre though.

In a sentimental turn of events, Favre is now left to reflect on his past 20 years in the NFL, that have featured monumental moments with the Green Bay Packers, and of course a handful of highlights further west in Minnesota.

While Favre isn't likely to propose a team scrapbook anytime soon, one has to wonder what this sudden change of events will do to a man that has been part of the league's lifespan for a lengthy amount of time.

I guess it's fair to say, Favre will experience a few withdrawal headaches as the years progress.

However, what are the chances of Brett Favre calling it a day's work this season, with three meaningless and almost empty games remaining on the 2010 calendar?

It's not as crazy as you may think.


The Injury Factor

The first point that must be understood here is the fact that Brett Favre is no longer the young stud he once was.  Enduring numerous surgeries in the past three years, Favre is in danger of further injuring his shoulder or ankle anytime soon.  Needless to say, the after effects of a re-injury would seriously impact Favre's family life.

Minnesota's biggest rival, the Green Bay Packers, saw their starting quarterback fall down with a concussion last weekend against the Detroit Lions, and with Aaron Rodgers now an uncertainty, the sight of the Bears hard-hitting defense isn't favorable for Favre's fragile body.

Leslie Frazier has some decision-making ahead of him, and after last Monday night, don't be surprised to see the new interim head coach make an early decision this week.


Allowing the Vikings To Develop Tarvaris Jackson

With 2,446 yards and 10 touchdowns on the season, Brett Favre doesn't have anything left to play for.  2010 is done and dusted, and even though the NFL's fanbase would experience some joy from seeing No. 4 light up a receiver for a big touchdown, it isn't a distinct necessity.

What is a necessity though is the development of Tarvaris Jackson.  Turf toe may see the Vikings' potential future quarterback sit out this weekend, but seeing as though Jackson hasn't experienced a ton of action since 2008, now is the perfect time to rehabilitate him for next year.

Critics alike continue to state that Jackson isn't the best option for Minnesota next year.  At the same time, with Joe Webb still too young to handle such an inept team, April's draft season should bring with it some intriguing prospects.


Going Out Gracefully

Sure, it could be said that starting the next three games would be a graceful exit, but by sitting on the sidelines and mentoring his current players in a way only Brett Favre can, could be just as rewarding.

For Favre himself, the call of duty is always demanding.  Monday night brought with it images of Johnny Unitas and Joe Namath attempting to reignite the flame in their later years, of course to ill avail.  Is this how Favre wants to be remembered?  Surely not.

It seems to be a constant path for the NFL's true elite, and if it wasn't Unitas or Namath, it was the great Joe Montana in a Kansas City Chiefs uniform following his shocking departure/replacement in San Francisco.

Favre is yet another to walk the trodden track of escaping to another team.  This time around though, sitting out and taking the next three weeks off could be a graceful exit for a sure Hall of Famer.


Is It Going To Happen?

The Vikings literally begged Brett Favre to return for one more year, and they've gotten the highs and lows of what they asked for.  The controversy, the "yay and nay" decisions, the great heroic moments and of course the injury concerns that come with a 20-year veteran.

Most importantly though, Minnesota made the NFC championship game a year ago.

Through it all however, Brett Favre has kept his head up high, and therefore the Vikings owe it to their quarterback to make the final decision in the next three weeks.

If you're looking for the odds on Favre starting against Chicago, don't hold your breath, because the Bears defense is enough to scare even the youngest of quarterbacks straight.  As for the following games against Philadelphia and Detroit, the chances are pretty favorable.

Minnesota will play at TCF stadium this weekend due to the Metrodome's sudden snow collapse.  Another game presents itself to earn a little respect during what has been a tumultuous year, but with this in mind, rushing Brett Favre under center isn't a must.

Thinking back to the early 1990s, we may never have found ourselves in this position if Don Majkowski hadn't fallen down injured in Green Bay.  The great ones rise to the surface, but they also make the right decisions when it matters in the long run. 

Sitting, starting or at home fishing in Mississippi, the next three weeks are a time to rejoice for all Favre fans.


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Ryan Cook is an Australian Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report. He is also a guest writer on PackerChatters, and a contributing writer for Detroit Lions Talk and Gack Sports.


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