NFL QB Power Rankings: Grades For All NFL Quarterbacks Through Week 14

Robert CobbCorrespondent IDecember 15, 2010

NFL QB Power Rankings: Grades For All NFL Quarterbacks Through Week 14

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    After another exciting and snow-filled football weekend, the NFL is about to come down to it's final three games and in these final three games, we will get a chance to gain a little separation between the top three QB's in the NFL. 

    Each of the top three have merits of their own to make a legitimate claim to the NFL Most Valuable Player Award and the No.1 spot this week in the Week 14 QB Rankings. 

    One quarterback put on a human-highlight film in efficient passing and electrifying runs, another continued his strong and steady play to lead his team to another win and the third simply demolished one of the best defenses in the entire NFL on it's home field in near Winter Wonderland-like elements. 

    Without further adieu, here is the Week 14 NFL QB Rankings

No.1 New England Patriots, Tom Brady

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    Going into this game, many pundits were calling this a "statement game" for the Chicago Bears, as they were leading the NFC North and had the top team from the AFC in the New England Patriots coming to Soldier Field. 

    The Bears had the home field and even the weather. Unfortunately for them, they still couldn't stop the hottest QB in the league in New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady. 

    What Tom Brady did to the Chicago Bears on Sunday in a 36-7 romp of Chicago in near white-out conditions borders on the line of surgical and criminal as Brady made the Chicago Bears look like the Chicago Cubs instead.

    Team Value - (+10.0)   All Tom Brady did was throw for 369 yards, two touchdowns and post a 113.4 QB rating in the SNOW. Not even fair. Period.

    Body of Work - (+10.0) What's even scarier is that over the last eight games, Tom Brady is putting up MVP numbers by leading New England to a 7-1 record by throwing 19 touchdowns against zero interceptions.

    He has completed over 66 percent of his passes while maintaining a passer rating of 117.2. 


    Grade : A+

No.2 Philadelphia Eagles QB, Michael Vick

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    The current co-MVP candidate in the NFL right now, Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick, continued his strong play by leading the Philadelphia Eagles to a big win down in Dallas 30-27.

    Vick currently leads in the NFL in Pro Bowl voting and if he continues to play at this level, he will make it really hard to not vote for him.  

    Team Value - (+10.0) Vick continues to be a dual-threat, as he threw for two touchdowns and also ran for one. Vick is currently second behind New England's Tom Brady with a QB rating at 104.3  

    Body of Work - (+9.9) Simply deadly; Vick makes the Eagles a very deadly team. Watch out for Vick in the NFL MVP voting. 


    Grade : A+

No.3 Atlanta Falcons QB, Matt Ryan

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    The initial No.1 ranked QB in the Power Rankings, Atlanta Falcons quarterback, Matt Ryan slides down to No.3 only because of the outstanding performances from both Brady and Vick. 

    Team Value - (+9.8) Ryan put in another strong performance in leading Atlanta to a 31-10 demolishing of the Carolina Panthers, mainly behind running back, Michael Turner's three touchdowns. 

    Body of Work - (+9.8) Ryan would finish with a modest day at the office by going 20-of-34 for 227 yards, one touchdown and one interception. Ryan also had a pedestrian 76.5 QB rating.

    Grade : A+

No.4 New Orleans Saints QB, Drew Brees

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    While not exactly posting the usual Drew Brees-like numbers we have come to expect, the current Super Bowl MVP quarterback is beginning to round into form down the stretch. 

    Body of Work (+9.7) Brees had a modest game in the Saints' 31-13 victory over the Rams, and while he passed for 221 yards and even threw two interceptions, Brees also threw for three touchdowns and is beginning to get the Saints into playoff mode.

    Team Value - ( +9.8) While the Saints are just now getting running backs Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush, which may help, Brees is still going to be the main focal point of the offense until both get into playoff shape. 

    Grade : A

No.5 Baltimore Ravens QB, Joe Flacco

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    While not as well-known has his fellow peers, Baltimore Ravens quarterback, Joe Flacco has very quietly risen into the upper echelon of top passers in the NFL.

    With an ever-expanding offense and plenty of weapons, such as Ray Rice and Anquan Boldin, to work with, look for Flacco to continue to rise in the QB Rankings. 

    Team Value - (+9.8) Flacco put in another strong and solid performance by throwing for 235 yards and two touchdowns in helping lead the Ravens to a wild 34-28 overtime victory over Houston.  

    Body of Work  - (+9.7) Solid, not-flashy and simply growing before our eyes, Flacco continues to win as he has now won 29 games in his first three years as a starter, tying him with fellow AFC North quarterback, Ben Rothlisberger of the Pittsburgh Steelers and is second only to Atlanta Falcons QB, Matt Ryan's 31. 

    Grade : A

No.6 Houston Texans QB, Matt Schaub

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    Much like Baltimore's Joe Flacco, Houston Texans quarterback, Matt Schaub has also risen in the QB Rankings with his solid play over the last two weeks, and is also beginning to make a name for himself in a quiet way. 

    Team Value - (+9.6) In leading a valiant and furious 21-point comeback against the Ravens, Schaub attempted 62 passes and completed 31 for 393 yards and three touchdowns. He would also throw two interceptions, with the last one being the game-winner for Baltimore, a 12-yard interception returned for a a touchdown by Ravens cornerback, Josh Wilson.

    Body of Work - (+9.4) One of the most prolific passers in the NFL, Schaub is on pace to throw for over 4,000 yards for the second straight year at 4,286 yards. In his last two games, both losses to Philadelphia and Baltimore, Schaub has thrown for a average of 365 yards and 5:3 TD-INT ratio.

    Grade : A

No. 7 San Diego Chargers QB, Phillip Rivers

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    If San Diego sneaks into the AFC Playoffs, they will have to thank Phillip Rivers and his arm, as once again Rivers is carrying the 7-6 San Diego Chargers single-handly into the NFL Playoffs.

    Team Value- (+9.5) Rivers threw for two touchdowns and 226 yards for a 113.1 QB rating; Rivers' is the San Diego offense in a nutshell. 

    Body of Work - (+9.8) Phillip Rivers should be much higher in the QB Rankings, as he has put the Chargers on his arm—literally. And if not for the play of Vick, Brady and Ryan, Rivers would easily be in the top three.

    Grade : A

No.8 Pittsburgh Steelers QB, Ben Rothlisberger

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    Despite some shakiness and occasional bad decision-making, Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback, Ben Rothlisberger continues to win, and the Steelers continue to roll along. 

    Team Value - (+9.5) Once again in typical Big Ben fashion, Rothlisberger would take a few sacks, extend plays with his feet and make big plays down field. Love him or hate him, you cannot dispute the fact that he wins games. Period.   

    Body of Work - (+9.5) Although he did not toss any touchdowns or any interceptions, Rothlisberger stood tough against the Cincinnati Bengals' pass rush in a 23-7 victory by throwing for 258 yards.

    After playing with a broken ankle in Baltimore and suffering a broken nose, Rothlisberger is solidfying his status as the toughest QB in the NFL.

    Grade : A

No.9 Jacksonville Jaguars QB, David Garrard

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    Balanced by a deadly ground game featuring All-Pro running back, Maurice Jones-Drew, Jacksonville Jaguars QB, David Garrard is becoming the AFC version of Michael Vick. 

    Team Value - (+9.3) While not putting up the greatest numbers, Garrard gives the Jags a deadly dual-threat which teams must account for, and with Jones-Drew and Rashad Jennings to worry about, teams tend to forget about Garrard, who may be the best overall QB in the AFC South not named Peyton Manning. 

    Body of Work - (+9.5) While throwing for only 158 yards in a wild 38-31 win over Oakland, Garrard would toss three touchdowns and rush five times for 32 yards.

    A prospective Garrard-Jones-Drew-Jennings triumvirate makes the Jaguars a very deadly team to face in the AFC Playoffs. 

    Grade : A -

No.10 Dallas Cowboys QB, John Kitna

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    Despite being on the losing end to Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles, 30-27, Dallas Cowboys QB, Jon Kitna and his steady play is beginning to turn some heads in the NFL. 

    While having the former Detroit Lions and Cincinnati Bengals starter, Jon Kitna ranked in the No.10 spot of the QB Rankings may surprise a few people, it cannot be argued that he and interim head coach, Jason Garret have at least helped keep the 4-9 Dallas Cowboys afloat and even given them a new jolt in offense.

    Body of Work - (+9.3) Since taking over for starting QB, Tony Romo, Kitna has played admirably by passing for 1,945 yards and 13 touchdowns.

    Team Value - (+9.2) Kitna matched Vick in passing touchdowns with two in Dallas' 30-27 loss. Kitna also threw for 242 yards and two interceptions for a 83.3 rating. 

    Grade : B+

No.11 Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB, Josh Freeman

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    Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback, Josh Freeman is quickly beginning to gain a reputation as one of the best clutch quartbacks in the NFL, as once again he would lead Tampa Bay to another impressive victory.

    Team Value - (+9.3) Not always spectactular but always solid, Freeman threw for 266 yards and one touchdown in a 17-16 win over the Washington Redskins. 

    Body of Work - (+9.1) With his latest win, Josh Freeman improved to 7-2 in his last nine road starts.

    Grade : B+

No.12 Indianapolis Colts QB, Peyton Manning

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    One of the true legends to ever play in the NFL, Manning rebounded from his much-rumored demise nicely to lead the Colts to a clutch 30-28 victory over the Tennessee Titans by tossing two touchdowns. 

    Team Value - (N/A) Not even a fair argument, much like Brady at No.1 

    Body of Work - (N/A) Once again not even a fair argument, especially considering throwing to the likes of Jason Tamme and handing off to running back, Javarris James. 

    Grade : B

No.13 St Louis Rams QB, Sam Bradford

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    Currently leading all NFL rookies in passing yards (2,884) yards and touchdowns (17), St Louis Rams starting quarterback, Sam Bradford is putting up numbers that should garner consideration for NFL Offensive Rookie of The Year. 

    Bradford completed 18-of-32 passes for 231 yards with two interceptions during the Rams' loss to New Orleans in Week 14.

    Team Value - (+8.9) Bradford has led the St Louis Rams to the top of the NFC West despite having a 6-7 record. Bradford is showing all the tangibles, skills and abilities of a NFL franchise QB. 

    Body of Work - (+8.8) Despite only having one true weapon in Rams running back, Stephen Jackson, Bradford has made the Rams into contenders by throwing to the likes of wideouts Laurent Robinson and Danny Amendola. 

    Grade : B

No.14 New York Giants QB, Eli Manning

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    While not putting up eye-dropping numbers like his older brother, New York Giants QB, Eli Manning has led Big Blue with a balanced offense mixed with power-running and timely big plays downfield. 

    Team Value - (+8.6) Currently with 24 touchdown passes, Manning is among the league leaders, but his 19 interceptions and 13 sacks at times limit the true potential of Big Blue's big-play balanced offense. 

    Body of Work - (+8.5) Manning had a putrid game by going 22-of-37 passes for 187 yards with one touchdown and two interceptions in the Giants' win over Minnesota, 21-3 as the ground game of running backs Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw took some of the load off of Manning for at least one night.  

    Grade : B -

No.15 Washington Redskins QB, Donovan McNabb

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    While not playing at the high level he has in past years, Washington Redskins quarterback, Donovan McNabb looks like he is beginning to turn a corner, although slowly. Even though his Redskins lost 17-16 to Tampa Bay, McNabb played a solid game.

    McNabb threw for 228 yards and two touchdowns with no interceptions.

    Team Value - (+8.3) It is beginning to look like the McNabb-Shanahan marriage may come to an abrupt end, and with no real talent and play-makers in D.C, McNabb's time could be up.

    Body of Work - (+8.3) Despite passing for 3,377 yards and 14 touchdowns, McNabb is the victim of a bad offense and a egotistical owner. 

    Grade : B -

No.16 Oakland Raiders QB, Jason Campbell

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    Horribly inconsistent at times, Oakland Raiders quarterback, Jason Campbell had his finest game as a Oakland Raider on Sunday.

    Team Value - (+8.2) Campbell threw for 324 yards, two touchdowns and posted a 127.6 QB rating in a 38-31 loss to Jacksonville. 

    Body of Work - (+8.1) While Campbell has all the physical tools to go along with a running game, his up-and-down inconsistency can be vexing at times for Raider Nation.

    Grade: C+

No.17 Tennessee Titans QB, Kerry Collins

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    Filling in for starting QB, Vince Young, Tennessee Titans veteran QB, Kerry Collins played admirably in a 30-28 loss at Indianapolis. 

    Body of Work - (+8.6) Collins, who has been a steady hand for the Titans when called upon, threw for 244 yards and three touchdowns, no interceptions and a 113.6 QB rating.  

    Team Value - (+8.5) If the Titans do decide to stick with Collins for the rest of the year, then Tennesee may have seen the last of Vince Young as his time looks like it has come to a end in Knoxville. 

    Grade : C

No.18 New York Jets QB, Mark Sanchez

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    For a glamour boy quarterback that is surrounded with such star-studded talent, New York Jets quarterback, Mark Sanchez is looking like he is beginning to wilt under the bright and harsh lights of Gotham.

    It seems that Mark Sanchez's greatest flaw was exposed first in an embarrassing 45-7 loss to New England and also in a 10-6 loss to the Miami Dolphins.

    It is his accuracy, or lack there of.

    Team Value - (+8.1) Sanchez only completed 17 passes out of 44 attempts for a meager 216 yards and a QB rating of 45.3

    For the season, Sanchez has completed only 53.3 percent of his passes.

    Body of Work - (+8.0) Sanchez's accuracy issues are now becoming more well know and could hinder the Jets' hopes of going deep into the AFC playoffs, and a brutal trip to face the No.1 defense in Pittsburgh will truly show the NFL what Sanchez is really made of.

    Grade : C-

No.19 Chicago Bears QB, Jay Cutler

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    For all the talk and hype of Chicago Bears QB, Jay Cutler turning the corner and about to break out, the only thing that might be more noteworthy is that he was a moving snowman for the New England Patriots defense in a 36-7 rout.

    Team Value - (+7.6) Jay Cutler was buried by the Patriots white avalanche as he struggled, going 12-of-26 for 152 yards with two interceptions and two sacks. He had a 32.9 rating 

    Body of Work - ( +7.4) For people to take Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears more seriously, he must learn to not turn the ball over and make the smart plays when available. 

    Grade : C-

No.20 Denver Broncos QB, Kyle Orton

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    For someone who was once on pace to threaten Miami Dolphins QB, Dan Marino's single season passing record of 5,084 yards, Denver Broncos QB, Kyle Orton and his plans have taken a bit of a detour recently.

    Team Value - (-6.7) The Broncos' quarterback has struggled noticeably the last two weeks, and in losing to the Arizona Cardinals, 43-13 on Sunday, Orton's struggles have begun to lead to calls for first-round pick from Florida, Tim Tebow. 

    Body of Work - (- 5.9) Orton went 19-of-41 for 166 yards and three interceptions for a QB rating of 27.1. It looks like the league has finally caught up to Orton and that he will most likely finish the year on a low note. 

    Grade : D

No.21 Seattle Seahawks QB, Matt Hasselback

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    While Seattle Seahawks quarterback, Matt Hasselback has led the Seahawks to a virtual tie in the NFC West at 6-7, Hasselback's performance in recent weeks haven't been up to his usual Pro Bowl standards. 

    Body of Work - (-6.5) While going 27-for-42 for 285 yards and two TDs, Hasselback also threw four interceptions and lost a fumble in a 40-21 loss in San Francisco. Hasselbak has thrown eight interceptions in the last three weeks. 

    Team Value - (-5.9) Currently, Hasselback has thrown for 2,906 yards and only 12 touchdowns for a QB rating of 75.2. You can only begin to wonder when Seahawks fans will get a glimpse of QB, Charlie Whitehurst. 

    Grade: D

No.22 Minnesota Vikings QB, Tavaris Jackson

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    The heir apparent, Vikings QB, Tavaris Jackson is anything but that. Don't be surprised to see Minnesota look in a new direction come April in the 2011 NFL Draft. 

    Body of Work - (-5.9) For all of his athletic talents and mobility, Jackson would only go 15-of-30 for 118 yards,one interception and a QB rating of 46.2.

    Team Value - (-5.6) Jackson, who might go elsewhere in the off-season, may have a shot to stake a claim to the starting job for 2011 now that Brett Farve has seemingly played his last game in the NFL; these three final games are basically an audition for Jackson now.

    Grade: D

No.23 Buffalo Bills QB, Ryan Fitzpatrick

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    For a former journey-man quarterback who studied at Harvard, Buffalo Bills QB, Ryan Fitzpatrick certainly makes the grade for the Bills.

    Body of Work - (+6.5) In leading the Buffalo Bills to a 13-6 upset win over the playoff-contending Cleveland Browns, Ryan threw for 144 yards and one touchdown and has now thrown 21 touchdowns this year.

    That is the most by a Bills quarterback since Drew Bledsoe threw 24 in 2002.

    Team Value - (-4.3) The pieces seem to be in place for Buffalo to make some noise next year. Whether or not they choose to go with Andrew Luck or defense in the Draft, Fitzpatrick has certainly left his mark.

    Grade : D

No.24 San Francisco 49ers QB, Alex Smith

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    For the former 2005 No.1 overall pick, San Francisco 49ers QB, Alex Smith made a nice return to form for once.

    Body of Work - (-5.3) For all the talent that Alex Smith posesses, he can never seem to put it all together in a complete season. And while he was benched for five games by coach Mike Singletary for his bad play, his 255 yard, three touchdown outburst in a 40-21 win over Seattle may have finally lit a spark in the former Utah standout.

    Team Value - (-3.5) Is Smith still in the 49ers' plans for the future, or is it time to move on? One has to wonder. Either way, Smith will get at least three games to prove his worth.

    Grade : D

No.25 Green Bay Packers QB, Matt Flynn

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    Filling in for starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers, back-up Matt Flynn played well in a 7-3 loss in Detroit by going 15-of-26 for 177 yards and one interception.  Flynn would post a QB rating of 62.5

    Grade : Incomplete.

No.26 Kansas City Chiefs QB, Brodie Croyle

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    Kansas City Chiefs back-up quarterback, Brodie Croyle, filling in for starting QB Matt Cassel, played horrific in a 31-0 rout at the hands of Kansas City.

    Croyle would go 7-of-17 for 40 yards and a QB rating of 48.9

    Grade : Incomplete

No.27 Arizona Cardinals QB, John Skelton

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    John Skelton, the 6'5" rookie from Fordham, made his first ever NFL start against the Denver Broncos and was victorious in helping lead the cardinals to a 43-13 win. 

    Skelton would go 15-for-37 for 146 yards and according to the Arizona Republic, Skelton will start again in Week 15 at Carolina. 

    Grade : Incomplete.

No.28 Miami Dolphins QB, Chad Henne

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    Consider Miami Dolphins quarterback, Chad Henne another name in a long line of quarterbacks that have failed to fill Dan Marino's shoes in South Beach. 

    Body of Work - (-3.2) Henne went only 5-of-18 for 55 yards and one touchdown. Despite winning 10-6 in New York over the Jets, Henne would post a meager 58.3 QB rating. 

    Grade: F

No.29 Cincinnati Bengals QB, Carson Palmer

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    If you are a Cincinnati Bengals fan, this has to be hard for you to watch; seeing Carson Palmer throw picks all over the field this year.

    What may even be harder is when they select Andrew Luck in the 2011 NFL Draft.

    Carson's game in Pittsburgh was anything but special as he went 20-of-32 for 178 yards, one touchdown and three interceptions in a 23-7 rout.

    Palmer's days in Cincy are coming to an end.

    Grade: F

No.30 Carolina Panthers QB, Jimmy Clausen

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    Second among rookies in passing with 1,163 yards, Carolina Panthers rookie QB, Jimmy Clausen is the next-to-last worst QB in the NFL.

    Clausen has thrown just one TD pass (against seven picks) in 224 passing attempts this season for a QB rating of just 55.0. 

    Grade : F

#31 Detroit Lions QB, Drew Stanton

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    Filling in for the injured Shaun Hill, Lions third-string QB, Drew Stanton, played well in a Lion's 7-3 victory over the Green baby Packers.  

    Stanton went 10-of-22 for 117 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions, Stanton would post a QB rating of 39.4   

    Grade: F

No.32 Cleveland Browns QB, Jake Delhomme

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    Cleveland Browns quarterback, Jake Delhomme is the worst ranked QB in the Week 14 Power Rankings.

    Let me see. The Browns signed this guy to a two-year, $14 million deal two years after throwing five interceptions in the NFC Divisional Playoff game against Arizona in 2008.

    Delhomme has a stellar pre-season and all the great vibes and talk start emanating from training camp; and then the actual season starts and Delhomme reverts to his 2008 self. 

    Currently, Delhomme has thrown for only two touchdowns and seven interceptions. He has come under heavy fire for being immobile, shaky and did I fail to mention, inaccurate? 

    In the Browns' 13-6 loss in Buffalo, Delhomme went 12-of-20 for 86 yards and a interception with a QB rating of 49.5

    Delhomme may be the worst free-agent signing in the entire 2010 off-season.  

    It's too bad that Randy Lerner can't void his $14 million dollar check. 

    Grade : F

Conclusion : The NFL MVP Is Tom Brady's to Lose

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    With his simply dominating performance in snowy Chicago, and with the lone loss in his last eight games being to Cleveland, New England Patriots QB, Tom Brady has been on a serious MVP-like tear recently.

    Perhaps the only QB who can challenge him might be Philadelphia's Michael Vick, which would be a great comeback story in it's own right.

    You can argue about Tom Brady's 19 touchdowns and no interceptions over eight games versus Vicks' game-changing ability to strike at anytime.

    But as of right now, the NFL Most Valuable Player Award is Brady's to lose, but Vick is looming right around the corner.