2009 Big Board; Top 30 College Football Seniors

Andrew ButlerCorrespondent ISeptember 5, 2008

     In college football, we can notice that it's very hard to predict underclassman going into the NFL Draft, and so rather than spending ridiculous amounts of time making the conclusions of a player returning to school or going in the draft, we're going to rank the top 25 players that will for sure be in this year's NFL draft. 

     At that, I believe veteran leadership for these teams deserve a lot of respect for what they do for their teams, and how they're breaking records for their schools.  Some appreciation and recognition to those who truly wear their school colors until graduation get my respect on my big board.


    1. Eugene Monroe OT Virginia

     2. James Laurinaitis ILB Ohio State

     3. Michael Oher OT Mississippi

     4. Malcolm Jenkins CB Ohio State

     5. William Moore FS Missouri

     6. Michael Johnson DE Georgia Tech

     7. Aaron Curry OLB Wake Forest

     8. Travis Beckum TE Wisconsin

     9. Brian Orakpo DE Texas

    10. Duke Robinson OG Oklahoma

    11. Mike Mickens CB Cincinnati

    12. Brandon Pettigrew TE Oklahoma State

    13. Jonathan Luigs C Arkansas

    14. Brian Robiskie WR Ohio State

    15. Scott McKillop ILB Pittsburgh

    16. Nic Harris SS Oklahoma

    17. Herman Johnson OG LSU

    18. Tyrone McKenzie ILB South Florida

    19. B.J. Raji DT Boston College

    20. Xavier Fulton OT Illinois

    21. Curtis Painter QB Purdue

    22. Arian Foster RB Tennessee

    23. Alex Mack C California

    24. Derek Pegues FS Mississippi State

    25. James Davis RB Clemson

    26. Marcus Freeman OLB Ohio State

    27. Alphonso Smith CB Wake Forest

    28. Matt Schaughnessy DE Wisconsin

    29. Rey Maualuga ILB USC

    30. Courtney Greene FS Rutgers