Denver Broncos Don't Need To Look Far for First-Round Draft Pick Needs

Zach GreubelCorrespondent IIDecember 14, 2010

The Broncos need a force like Dareus on their troubled defensive line
The Broncos need a force like Dareus on their troubled defensive lineAl Messerschmidt/Getty Images

Look up and down the roster of the Denver Broncos and you’ll be hard pressed to find an area that does not need help in the next NFL Draft.

However, the defense needs more help, specifically on the defensive line, which is where the Broncos need to go for their high first-round draft pick in April.

Not having superstar defensive end Elvis Dumervil this season has been devastating for the Broncos’ defensive line and the defense in general.

They rarely have an effective pass rush and it is left up to the linebackers and secondary to make the tackles and maintain coverage. Without an effective pass rush, the opposing offense is bound to succeed.

Barring another setback, a healthy Dumervil will be back next season and ready to do what he does best- harass opposing offensive tackles and quarterbacks. With Dumervil back, the Broncos will have the pressure they need from the outside.

They’re still lacking a plug in the middle of the defensive line, however, someone who can complement Dumervil.

Offseason acquisition Jamal Williams has not been the powerful force he was with the San Diego Chargers and is not the answer to the Broncos’ future.

Ideally, the Broncos will have a top five draft pick to pick the best defensive tackle in the draft.

They’ll have two great options, pending declaration for the draft, to choose from in junior defensive tackle Marcell Dareus from Alabama and junior defensive tackle Nick Fairley from Auburn.

Dareus has been a constant for arguably the stoutest defense in the country and has the size (6’4”, 306 lb.) and skill to be successful in the NFL.

The same could be said for Fairley. He was the Cam Newton to Auburn’s defense and produced a very respectable stat line over the course of the season.

Whoever Denver’s head coach is in April, they can’t go wrong by picking one of these skilled defensive tackles. The strategy for the first round seems relatively simple- if Dareus is chosen and Fairley is available, pick Fairley, and vice versa.

Defensive tackle, or even a defensive end like national sack-leading Da’Quan Bowers of Clemson or talented Robert Quinn of North Carolina, are the obvious choice for the Broncos’ first-round pick this upcoming draft.

Of course, the Broncos could take another route and go cornerback with their high first-round pick. Champ Bailey is getting up there in age and the Broncos don't really have anyone else to comfortably take the baton when his time is up.

LSU's Patrick Peterson and Nebraska's Prince Amukamara are the obvious two best cornerbacks in the upcoming draft class and are oozing skill and potential.

There you have it, six legitimate picks for the Denver Broncos and their first-round draft pick. Let's not have another McDaniels situation where everyone else believes the Broncos need the most help on defense and the team picks a running back.