NFL Playoff Scenarios: 10 Matchups We All Would Love to See

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NFL Playoff Scenarios: 10 Matchups We All Would Love to See

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    The 2010 NFL playoff picture is starting to take shape. Some division races are getting tighter and some wild card races are starting to get interesting.

    Teams like the Bucs, Rams, Chiefs and Jaguars have surprised everyone and are still fighting for a playoff spot.

    Playoff regulars like the Packers, Chargers, Eagles, Saints and Giants are all fighting to stay alive in the race as well.

    While there is still plenty of football left to be played, let's take a look at 10 playoff games that everyone would love to see.

Atlanta Falcons Vs. Philadelphia Eagles

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    Perhaps no matchup would be more fun and exciting to watch than this one. Mike Vick plays his former team in the playoffs.

    This would have to be a second-round match up or the NFC Championship game. This game would have it all. 

    The storylines, the players and the coaches.

    Both teams have solid quarterbacks and playmakers on offense.

    This game would come down to defense. You'd have Matt Ryan who is now the franchise of the Atlanta Falcons against the man he replaced in Vick.

    This is no doubt a game everyone would love to see.

San Diego Chargers Vs New York Jets

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    It's very possible that the Jets could be making a visit to San Diego once again this year in a wild card match up.

    The fact that they met last year and the Jets won, already makes this match up very interesting. So it's not like this game needs much more fuel or hype leading up to it if it happens.

    Of course there is one small factor about this possible match up that would turn it into an instant must-see.

    LaDainian Tomlinson would be visiting the team that helped build his career. There has been much talk between both LT and the Chargers since he left.

    It almost seems as if destiny is pulling both of them together once again in what could be a matchup made in NFL heaven. 

Kansas City Chiefs Vs New England Patriots

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    The Patriots set the standard for many teams in the 2000's. Everyone wanted a piece of the Patriots, but the Kansas City Chiefs may have taken it a step further.

    They decided to start hiring everyone who has had something to do with the Patriots. They have former New England coordinators Charlie Weis and Romeo Crennel, former Patriots GM Scott Pioli and former quarterback Matt Cassel.

    This would be the Patriots of the East vs the Patriots of the West. The Chiefs are surprising everyone by leading the AFC West with three games to go.

    The Patriots are dominating everyone once again and scoring whenever they want.

    This would be an interesting match up.

Green Bay Packers Vs. Atlanta Falcons

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    This was a great game to watch during the season. Both teams are filled with talent and have two quarterbacks who will most likely be meeting each other in the playoffs a lot during their careers.

    While most people will be talking about Aaron Rodgers vs. Matt Ryan, there will be a lot of other match ups to watch.

    Clay Matthews vs. Ryan, Charles Woodson vs. Roddy White, Michael Turner vs. the Packers defense.

    This would be a solid game and many football fans would enjoy it.

Pittsburgh Steelers Vs Baltimore Ravens

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    I don't have to say much about this potential playoff matchup. Everyone already knows what they'll get if both of these teams meet in the playoffs.

    This would be an all-out brawl between two of the nastiest teams in football.

    Ray Lewis and Ed Reed vs. James Harrison and Troy Polamalu. Joe Flacco vs. Big Ben and John Harbaugh vs. Mike Tomlin.

    This is a game nobody should miss if it happens.

New Orleans Saints Vs. Philadelphia Eagles

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    Is it me or does it seem like people have already forgotten about the Saints?

    This team is starting to look scary again. Drew Brees is looking like the same guy from last season and New Orleans is coming together at the right time.

    Perhaps one of the best matchups for fans during the playoffs would be a Saints vs. Eagles match up.

    Both of these teams bring in an offense that can score anytime, anywhere and anyway. Mike Vick and his offensive unit can score with Brees and the Saints.

    The Saints and Eagles also sport a pretty good defense. 

    Vick and Reggie Bush are two of the most exciting athletes to watch. This would be a great match up.

Green Bay Packers Vs. Chicago Bears

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    Here is a match up that the NFL would love to see. The Packers vs. the Bears in a cold winter morning battle.

    These two tradition-rich teams could clash for a third time in the playoffs. Jay Cutler and the Bears vs. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.

    Clay Matthews vs. Brian Urlacher, The Cheese Heads vs. Da Bears. 

    Both great football cities with some of the best fans in the league. Who wouldn't want to watch this game?

Baltimore Ravens Vs. New England Patriots

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    The Patriots and the Ravens would make an amazing playoff game. One of the NFL's greatest quarterbacks against one of the NFL's greatest middle linebackers.

    Last year, both teams met in the playoffs and the Ravens came out on top. This year, the Patriots team looks a lot different and seems to be more dominant.

    The Ravens also look a lot different as they have added more weapons to their offense.

    Even though the Ravens and Patriots may be different, its still all about Ray Lewis and Tom Brady.

    What would be the outcome of this game if they met up again in the playoffs? 

New York Jets Vs. Baltimore Ravens

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    Here is a game that would be very entertaining to listen to the week before it happens. You have a team that likes to talk a lot against a team that likes to shut teams up.

    The Ravens and the Jets are both very physical teams. Both teams want to say they have the most physical teams.

    Coach Rex Ryan left the Ravens to coach the Jets and brought some players and attitude with him.

    Could Mark Sanchez bring back the playoff magic from last year, or are the Ravens too much for the struggling Jets to handle?

    This is a match up I'd love to see.

Indianapolis Colts Vs. New England Patriots

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    This has been one of the best rivalries, if not the best in the last 10 years. Despite what many people are saying, Peyton Manning is still Peyton Manning.

    I know I know,  the Colts didn't win 12 games for the first time since 2003. Manning threw interceptions and doesn't have all his weapons.

    It doesn't matter. The Colts are still alive and as long as you have Manning in the playoffs, you have a chance to win.

    Tom Brady and Manning have become two of the best quarterbacks ever to play in the NFL. It's fun to watch these two cerebral assassins compete.

    Another meeting in the playoffs would not disappoint anyone.


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