Shaun Ellis Angered by Rex Ryan's Postgame: Jets Locker Room Under Pressure

Gregory JeromeContributor IDecember 13, 2010

Rex Ryan is losing his team.

Apparently Rex didn't spare his defense any share of the blame for the team's second straight devastating loss despite holding the Dolphins to 10 points and only one first down in the second half.

"According to Rex we played (bleepy)," defensive end Shaun Ellis told reporters after Rex's post game locker room speech. "He said we weren't good enough. I guess we needed a shutout. I guess that's what he was talking about.

"It's frustrating to hear that because we played a solid game," Ellis continued. "I guess he just expects so much out of the defense that there should have been zero points on the board, not 10."

The truth is, despite one bad game against the Patriots, the Jets defense has consistently been improving and is one of the best in the league, while the offense has been on a four-game slide. Unable to score a single touchdown in four games against the Ravens, Packers, Patriots and now the Dolphins, a dismal offense is the reason the Jets are struggling, and the Jets' defensive players know it.

The one glaring weakness in the Jets' game is the passing game of second-year quarterback Mark Sanchez, who is having a roller coaster of a season and an awful December.

Rex Ryan has his work cut out for him as his team prepares to face the Steelers next week with an offense that hasn't scored a touchdown in its past two games. His first task will be making amends with his defense, which has served him well.