Michael Vick: Top 10 Greatest Plays on YouTube

Mike BurkeCorrespondent IDecember 13, 2010

Michael Vick: Top 10 Greatest Plays on YouTube

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    Michael Vick may have taken a bit of a hiatus as he faced a jail sentence that held him out of two years in the NFL. However, in the past decade, it's hard to argue that there has been an athlete that has been more explosive than Vick. 

    This stands for any sport.

    Whether it was Vick at Virginia Tech, with the Falcons, or his current position as the starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, one thing has held true: The guy makes spectacular plays.

    With all the controversy put aside, you have to admit that Vick is one of the most fun athletes to watch when he's on the field.

    Today, we take a YouTube look at Vick and all of the plays he's made throughout his career.

Michael Vick Embarrases Boston College

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    In 2000, the Hokies took on Boston College. Sitting back inside their own 20-yard line, Michael Vick decided to take matters into his own hands. 

    As he shook a bunch of BC defenders at the line, Vick broke into the open field and headed straight towards the end zone.

    All that stood in the line of Vick and a touchdown was a single BC defender, so what did Vick do? 

    Absolutely embarrassed him.

Michael Vick Goes Head Over Heels

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    Continuing with Vick's college highlights, we look to his freshmen year in which may have been his most famous collegiate highlight.

    In a third-down play just outside the 5-yard line, Vick takes a snap against the James Madison defense.  With no options open, Vick tucks it down and decides to run.

    On his path to the end zone, a JMU linebacker tries to step up and take him down before he can score.  However, Vick dives for the end zone and does a full flip as he scores for the Hokies.

Michael Vick Shows the NFL He's Back in 2010

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    Michael Vick is now a NFL MVP candidate and showed why in his first action this season.

    After Kevin Kolb was knocked out of the season opener with a concussion, Vick took over the reins and almost led the Eagles to a come-from-behind victory.

    In this game, Vick continually extended plays against a very tough Packers defense led by sack machine Clay Matthews.

    In this play, we see the resurgence of Vick's play-making ability with his feet that were prominent earlier in his career with the Falcons.

Michael Vick Returns to Atlanta

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    Although this may not be one of those plays that makes your jaw drop, I'm sure this has to be one of Michael Vick's most rewarding plays.

    In his first season with the Eagles, and his first season since his jail sentence, Vick traveled with the Eagles to Atlanta to take on his former team.

    Vick saw a lot of action in this game, and threw for his first touchdown of the season. It came on a great play call by the Eagles and felt really good for Vick, as he helped the Eagles blow open the game against his former team.

Michael Vick Fools Everyone at the Goal Line

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    Michael Vick has always been a threat around the goal line. We all know that he can run the ball extremely well, but he also has a very strong arm. He can get the ball to any of his receivers in a blink of an eye.

    Against the Packers, Vick faced a goal-line situation where he faked out everyone, including the announcers.

    Working off a 1st-and-goal situation, Vick fakes a hand off to his running back and really sells it. After he sees the Packers defense has bit on the fake, Vick uses his speed to beat the Packers defenders and score.

Michael Vick Shows Off His Accuracy

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    In 2010, we've seen the re-emergence of Michael Vick. However, the most impressive thing we've seen out of Vick this year is his ability to throw the football.

    Vick has always been known as a very athletic player who lines up as quarterback.  He's always had a strong arm, but this season he's really learned to place his balls on the money.

    Early in the 2010 season, he got the opportunity to prove that he could be a starting quarterback in the NFL. He took advantage, and left Kevin Kolb on the bench, as he proved he could throw the ball just as well as he can run it.

Michael Vick Dominates the Saints Defense

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    With his Falcons down 14-0 to the Saints early in the game, Michael Vick decided to take matters into his own hands.

    On a blitz from the Saints defense, Vick was given no time in the pocket. It was no problem for him, as he saw a bit of daylight and decided to take off.

    After avoiding the original man on the blitz, Vick shredded the rest of the Saints defense and was only stopped by the deepest Saints defender.

Michael Vick Blows By Vikings Defense for a Touchdown

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    I think this is one of Michael Vick's more impressive runs in the NFL. 

    As Vick escapes the pocket, he leaves all of the Vikings defenders in his dust. On his way to the promised land, two members of the Vikings defense close on him. Vick isn't phased here and splits the defenders, forcing them to collide and knock each other over.

    Vick ends up scoring on the play from about 50 yards out.

Michael Vick Torches the Redskins

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    This is probably my favorite play by Michael Vick so far this season. 

    After the Eagles lost to the the Redskins in their first matchup against Donovan McNabb, they got a chance for redemption on Monday Night Football.

    On the Eagles' first play on offense, the Eagles ran a play-action with Vick rolling to his left. He threw an absolutely perfect ball about 60 yards down to the field to DeSean Jackson which resulted in an 88-yard pitch and catch.

    Vick would end this game by throwing for a total of four touchdowns and rushing for two.

Michael Vick: The Human Highlight Reel

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    I'm going to spoil you guys on this one. How can I finish this on just a single play? 

    I can't. It's not fair. Michael Vick has had too many highlights throughout his career.

    We end with a compilation of Vick's highlights.

    Vick has been a human highlight reel ever since he picked up a football. He's provided his fans with amazing highlights for a long time, and with the way he's playing right now, it looks that he will continue.