Chicago Bears Insider: What Are the Chances of Making the Playoffs?

Bryan DietzlerSenior Analyst IDecember 11, 2010

This is a question that I am sure is crossing the mind of every single Bear’s fan out there.  Will the Chicago Bears be able to make the playoffs this season? 

Well they have turned around what appeared last year to be a sinking ship, making positive changes on the team. 

No longer is quarterback Jay Cutler throwing interceptions at an alarming rate.  No longer is the offense unable to convert third downs, or is the defense giving teams the chance to convert third downs.

It appears that all is well in Chicago, but there is still some work that needs to be done. 

The Bears have four games left, and these games will decide whether or not they make the playoffs. 

If they manage to win their last four games, no matter what the Packers do, Chicago will win the NFC North and make the playoffs.  So winning out is vital to their goal of getting into the playoffs and getting to the Super Bowl.

But just how good are their chances of getting to the playoffs?  

Let’s take a look at the Bears' last four games of the season and try to figure out if they can win the game or if they will take a loss and make their road to the playoffs that much more difficult.


December 12th: vs. New England

This is going to be as tough of a game as any the Bears have played this season. 

The Patriots are one of the best teams in the NFL on offense, and they can adjust to any defense and give it problems. 

Their weakness is on defense where, despite the fact they pitched a near shutout on Monday night, they still struggle and have some cracks that the Bears' offense can take advantage of.

This game may appear to be a mismatch, but there are so many factors that can give the Bears the win. 

Look for this to be a close one with the Patriots just edging the Bears, giving them a loss in the first game of this end of the season stretch.


December 20th: at Minnesota

This is a Monday night game and a rematch of five weeks before. 

The Bears won that game 27-13 and kept the Vikings from really having any chance.  They put some good pressure on quarterback Brett Favre and kept running back Adrian Peterson from ripping them apart.

This time when these two meet, things may be a little different. 

First, they will be playing up in Minnesota and Chicago hasn’t had a lot of luck winning there recently. 

Second, they may not be playing against Favre who suffered an injury this past weekend and whose status is up in the air. 

Finally, this team seems to be playing much better now that former head coach Brad Childress is gone.  Will they continue to play well for their interim head coach Leslie Frazier?

The Bears should be able to walk out of this game with a win—perhaps a close one. 


December 26th: vs. New York Jets

Back when the season first started, it appeared as if this would be a difficult game for the Bears to win. 

Now, this game looks very winnable and could be the game that helps get the Bears into the playoffs (depending on what Green Bay does). 

But, this will not be as easy of a game as some might think.  The Jets sport a solid defense and a good running game, but their problems lie mostly at the quarterback position.

If the Bears can stop their rushing attack and get a lot of pressure on Mark Sanchez, then they should be able to win this game.


January 2nd: at Green Bay

This could be the biggest game of the year for the Bears depending on how many games they have won up to this point as well—as how many the Packers have won. 

The winner of this game will most likely be the victor in the NFC North, so both teams will be playing hard.

This game is in Green Bay and the Bears have had some success winning there.  

The team that wants this game more will come out on top.  

Who will win this game? 

It’s really too close to call. 

Let’s leave this game to being a tossup between these two teams. 

So back to the original question, can the Bears get into the playoffs? 

As long as they win at least three of their four final games, and keep Green Bay behind them, they should win the division and get into the playoffs.


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