Pettitte Called Cashman, Still Unsure About Return

Bronx Baseball DailySenior Analyst IDecember 9, 2010

Via Mark Feinsand and Andy Martino of the NY Daily News:

Andy Pettitte called Brian Cashman Wednesday, but it wasn’t to inform the GM whether he plans on playing next season.

“He’s still trying to decide what he wants to do,” Cashman said. “He loves playing here, he loves the competition and he wants to be a Yankee, but he hasn’t put himself in play yet.”

Cashman stressed that Pettitte is “not retired and he has not made the decision to retire,” later adding, “If I had to bet at some point, I think he’ll play.”

Apparently Pettitte was calling to make sure that his indecision wasn’t hurting the Yankees. Usually by now he’s already decided to come back which is troubling, but Cashman seems optimistic that he’ll return so that is somewhat comforting.

Pettitte also said that he hopes the Yankees land Cliff Lee. I get the feeling that if the Yankees do sign Lee it’ll pump Andy up to the point where he can’t resist one more season. Maybe as a Texan he can call Lee and tell him how nice it is to play in New York.

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