Albert Haynesworth: 10 Reasons He Could Be Sucessfull With Another NFL Team

Philip Speake@@PhilipSpeakeCorrespondent IDecember 10, 2010

Albert Haynesworth: 10 Reasons He Could Be Sucessfull With Another NFL Team

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    You can see from my last article that I am very pleased with the Redskins suspension of Albert Haynesworth. Hopefully in the offseason the Redskins will be able to trade the big man.

    He is a great talent, who lacks the whole team concept. He has shown repeatedly that he only cares about himself, and that he is a cancer to the Redskins locker room.

    With a 99.9 percent chance he will be suiting up for another team in the future lets take a look at 10 reasons why he could do very well in another NFL uniform.

10. He Essentially Had Two Seasons Off

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    I'm not going to sit here and say Haynesworth did not try hard in 2009.

    Wait, yes I am, but he wasn't the other player who had a poor year. But this season the coaches were benching him and used him sparingly, so his body should be in outstanding condition.

     So if he can get himself into “good football shape,” as coach Shanahan loves to say, he can still wreak havoc.  

    Trying to get through 600 pounds of NFL linemen each and every play can be tough work and this season especially was almost like a season off for him.  If Michael Jordan can take off two years, then so can Albert Haynesworth!

9. He Wants to Prove His Doubters Wrong

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    In his radio appearance the night before he was suspended Albert told everyone that he wants the Redskins to take the leash off and let him play. Once he is traded/released he will probably go on to a team that is willing to let him play the way he wants to play. Some call it freelancing.

    Albert does not play 3-4. Albert does not want to play on rushing downs. Lastly Albert does not want to play defensive end. This is all according to Redskins defensive coordinator, Jim Haslett.

    He will probably be a very good player in Tennessee, Oakland or Detroit. I’m assuming these are the only three teams willing to take a chance on this guy.

8. Linemen Play Into Their Mid 30's

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     Many linemen play well into their mid 30’s in the NFL. Pat Williams is 38 and even the great Gilbert Brown was still on an active roster until he was 32. Haynesworth is only 29, so lockout or not, Haynesworth will be playing somewhere in 2011 or 2012.

7. He Is Capable of Occupying Double Teams, Allowing Teammates to Become Better.

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     I hate Albert Haynesworth as a football player on my favorite team. But to give credit, where credit is due he did at the very least make the Redskins defensive ends accumulate more sacks in 2009.  

    Andre Carter finished the  2009 season with 11 sacks, his most since 2012. Then rookie, Brian Orakpo finished will 11 sacks as well. They finished as one of the best pass rushing tandems in the NFL, thanks in large part to Albert.

    Their run defense was being ranked 8th in run defense in 2008 before Haynesworths arrival. In 2009, with Haynesworth the team ranked 16th. This season they are a wretched 28 in the NFL, but that is not Al's fault because he told coach Haslett that he doesn't play run downs.

6. Plenty Of Good Players Have Been Let Go by Washington, and Went on to Prosper

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    Brandon Lloyd, Stephen Davis, and Brad Johnson all went on to bigger and better careers after the Redskins let  them go prematurely. While I am not arguing that the Redskins should have let Albert go, I am just saying there is a pattern of good fortune for some after leaving Washington.

    Lets hope the pattern does not continue, so that the Redskins don’t continue to be one of the laughing stocks of the NFL. I hope he does not go to Dallas.

5. He Still Has Talent

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    Despite his lack of trying, Big Al still has plenty of talent, so lets just get that out of the way first.

    In games against Chicago and Philadelphia this season he played very well. He pressured Michael Vick on the play that he was injured, forcing to him run.  Against the Bears he was a straight beast. Without reviewing the treacherous waters of film entitled “Washington Redskins 2009.” I would argue that was his best game as a Redskin.

4. In The Right System He Could Flourish

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    I keep imagining Haynesworth ending up in Detroit with his former coach in Tennessee Jim Schwartz. Could you imagine Haynesworth and House of Spears playing together in a 4-3 defense?  Run gap responsibilities aside, that would be scary. Kyle Vanden Bosch would end up with 20 sacks.

3. He Might Not Have As Much Money As We Think

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    Albert just might need to get another substantial contract at some point. Everyone knows that there is a bad history of ex-NFL players going bankrupt (see Mark Brunell).

    He has a sketchy traffic record when it comes to speeding. Albert Haynesworth Almost Killed a Guy one time and he is being sued for it.

     “The lawsuit also asks for punitive damages amounting to no less than 25 percent of Haynesworth's guaranteed money from Washington.” According to the Associated Press.

     He also is being sued by a bank for a reported 2.4 million. It looks like Albert might need to keep playing for a little while.

    Do not forget about Bruce Allen either, he will be looking hard to get some of that money back for the organization.

2. “I'll Blow Something out Before I Quit Playing”

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    That quote is just another piece of the great Haynesworth radio rant.  Assuming everything he says is true, which is a stupid thing to do. Haynesworth will continue playing until he blows out a knee or something.

     As we all know, he is pretty good when he wants to be, expect to see him around for a while. I hope karma does not get him, I am sure he's a good person. I wish injury to nobody.

1. He Wants to Be the Greatest Linemen to Ever Play

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    "I love the game of football. Let ME play football. Let ME be great at it. Let ME accomplish my goals. I want to be the best defensive tackle to ever play this game. Let ME accomplish my goals." Haynesworth said.

    HIS goals certainly have not been accomplished. HIS goals, HIS goals keep caring about yourself Albert, and not your teammates. Thanks for stopping by.