The Dumbest Athlete Twitter Posts Ever

Kelsey GivensAnalyst IIDecember 9, 2010

The Dumbest Athlete Twitter Posts Ever

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    Everyone has done it. They’ve said something, tweeted something or posted something on Facebook that made others stop and say, “What did they say?”

    Athletes too have tweeted in the heat of the moment, sometimes writing things that in hindsight may not have been in their very best interests.

    Here is a list of 10 of the dumbest athlete tweets ever made.

No. 10: Charlie Villanueva Tweets During Halftime of Close Game

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    Both the NBA and the NFL have decreed that players, coaches and team staff cannot tweet right before a game, during a game or after a game until all press meetings are finished. While this rule was not yet in place, Pistons player Charlie Villanueva snuck off during halftime of a game between the Pistons and Celtics to post a rather worthless tweet which got him in trouble with his coach and critics.

    “In da locker room, snuck to post my twitt. We’re playing the Celtics, tie ball game at da half. Coach wants more toughness. I gotta step up.”

    His only punishment may have been being frowned upon, but tweets like this are what caused the NBA to ban tweeting near to, during and after the game.  

No. 9: Marlon Williams of Texas Tech Tweets About Coach Being Late

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    Usually the last person on the coaching staff a player would want to insult would be the head coach. However, it seems that is exactly what football player Marlon Williams of Texas Tech did in a tweet last year.

    “Wondering why I’m still in this meeting room when the head coach can’t even be on time to his on meeting.”

    This and others like it from fellow team members lead the coaching staff to ban players from using Twitter.

    One tweet not only got him into to trouble with his coach, but got his social media abilities restricted, as well. 

No. 8: Antonio Cromartie’s Food Tweet

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    Back in the beginnings of the 2009 season, Chargers player Antonio Cromartie tweeted about how disgusting he found the food served to his team at training camp to be.

    “Man we have 2 have the most nasty food of any team.  Damn can we upgrade 4 str8 years
    the same ish maybe that’s y we can’t we the SB we need.”

    Not only was this tweet hard to read, but this off-handed comment landed the player with a $2,500 fine by the team according to reports.

    Maybe next time he won’t bite the hand that feeds him. 

No. 7: Gilbert Arenas Tweets He Is New John Wayne

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    After word broke that Washington Wizards player Gilbert Arenas was found to have been keeping four handguns in his locker he took to Twitter with a post that read, “i wake up this morning and see i was the new JOHN WAYNE..lmao media is too funny.”

    He was already in enough trouble for having the guns in his locker, and making fun of the situation did not help his case.  Eventually, Arenas was suspended for the whole season for conduct not suitable for NBA players. 

No. 6: Chad Ochocinco’s Preseason Game Tweet

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    Players in the NFL are not allowed to tweet during a game. However, Chad Ochocinco broke this rule during a preseason game simply to complain.

    The tweet said, “Man Im sick of getting hit like that, its the dam preseason s**t! 1day I’m gone jump up and start throwing hay makers, #Tylenolplease.”

    The penalty for his complaining tweet was a $25,000 fine. 

No. 5: Brian Ching Insults Ref After Game on Twitter

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    Houston Dynamo player Brian Ching took to Twitter after a game he felt was refereed unfairly. In his tweet he wrote, “Ref in seattle just cheated the dynamo. What a joke. Not even close. Ref is a cheat.”

    Not only did this tweet earn him a $500 fine, but in the future that ref will most likely be quick to call penalties on the team. 

No. 4: Steve Johnson Blames God for Dropped Pass in a Tweet

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    In a Buffalo Bills game against the Steelers earlier this season, Steve Johnson dropped a pass in the last moments of the game allowing the Steelers to go on to win 19-16.

    After the game this athlete took to Twitter with a post saying, "I PRAISE YOU 24/7!!!!!! AND THIS HOW YOU DO ME!!!!! YOU EXPECT ME TO LEARN FROM THIS??? HOW???!!! ILL NEVER FORGET THIS!! EVER!!! THX THO..."

    In hindsight, Johnson probably didn’t really mean what he posted, but on appearances alone blaming a dropped pass on God is one dumb tweet this athlete should have gone without posting.

No. 3: Courtney Fortson Tweets Practice Is Like Rape

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    Trying to make light of his hard work outs, University of Arkansas basketball player Courtney Fortson tweeted, “Im gettin it at workouts like a dude who doesnt understand the word no from a drunk girl lol.”

    This tweet not only landed him in hot water with the university, but it came at a terrible time for the university when several other members of the basketball team had just recently been accused of rape. 

No. 2: Larry Johnson Tweets Gay Slurs

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    Former Kansas Chiefs player Larry Johnson got into trouble over some very explicit and demeaning terms he chose to use in his tweets to insult both his coaches and followers.

    One tweet read, “think bout a clever diss then that wit ur *** pic. Christopher street boy. Is what us east coast cats call u."

    These types of tweets landed Johnson with a one-game suspension and a possible $600,000 fine. Not only did he alienate fans, but he insulted the person in charge of how much playing time he gets,  and had the potential to lose a lot of money; that wasn’t a very smart tweet now was it. 

No. 1: Jaz Reynolds’ Insensitive Tweets

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    Oklahoma receiver Jaz Reynolds posted two inappropriate and insensitive tweets earlier this year after an incident in Texas where a man walked into the University of Texas library and opened fire before killing himself.

    The first tweet said, "Hey everyone in Austin, tx.......kill yourself #evillaugh." The second read, "Everyone in austin, tx disregard that last tweet....y'all will mess around n do it lmao.”

    These tweets not only angered fans and those affected by the incident, but it landed him in hot water with his coach and the NFL, causing his season to be suspended indefinitely according to a report from the Orlando Sentinel.