Philadelphia Eagles Week 14 Fact or Fiction: Eagles Beat Dallas Twice?

Darren GrossmanCorrespondent IDecember 8, 2010

Philadelphia Eagles Week 14 Fact or Fiction: Eagles Beat Dallas Twice?

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    Well it is time for another edition of Philadelphia Eagles FACT OR FICTION.  This week I decided to change it up a little bit as I have Eagles featured columnist Will Holt taking on Eagles fan and fact or fiction reader Tyler Morrow.   Is Michael Vick not getting flagged due to his criminal past?  Is LeSean McCoy a Pro Bowler?  Will the Eagles beat Dallas twice?  Join me as Will Holt and Tyler Morrow play fact or fiction.

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Eagles Must Go 11-5 to Make Playoffs?

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    1.  The Eagles must win 3 of their last 4 games to make the postseason.

    Will Holt  - FACT - If the Eagles finish the season at 10-6 there is a good chance they are going to lose the tiebreakers to both the Bears and Giants, who are likely to finish with the same 10-6 mark. The good news though is that the Eagles will win three of their final four games, win the division and lock down a home playoff game.

    Tyler Morrow - FICTION. There are multiple options to make it in the playoffs if the Eagles only had two wins down the stretch, putting them at 10-6. If one of the Eagles losses were to the Giants, then the Eagles would be most likely fighting for the wild card. This would pit them against the Saints (who have no cupcake games left this season) and the Packers (Patriots, Lions, Giants, and Bears make for a tough end to their season). The only problem to finishing 10-6 is that we need the Packers or Saints to lose three of their last four. While it is certainly possible for either of these teams to accomplish this feat, the much easier path is by winning 3 of their final 4.

    Score: 0 for 1

Michael Vick Not Getting Flags Due to Past Mistakes?

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    2.  Michael Vick is not getting flags for late hits and penalties due to his past transgressions.

    Will Holt - FICTION - Generally speaking I think people are idiots. And if people actually believe this in any way shape or form it would further prove my point. First, why would the NFL not want to protect the most intriguing story in the NFL this season, and second, why would the NFL want the most important player on a team that plays in the major market to get banged around?

    Tyler Morrow - FACT - Michael Vick has just been simply not getting the protection that other quarterbacks around the league receive. I noticed several examples, including when he took off for a run and a defensive player grabbed on to his facemask, which should be called no matter who is running the ball. You will notice a similar trend in the game last night featuring Ben Roethlisberger. Haloti Ngata blatantly punched Big Ben in the face (breaking his nose) and still there was no penalty. There also seems to be a bias in some announcers of the games towards wanting to see Vick injured.

    Score:  0 for 2

LeSean McCoy a Pro Bowler?

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    3. LeSean McCoy should make the Pro Bowl.

    Will Holt - FICTION - Adrian Peterson and Michael Turner are easily ahead of LeSean McCoy. After those two I can be persuaded not to insert my No.3, who is Steven Jackson. The way I look at it, Steven Jackson has done two things that McCoy could not have done this season. Jackson has made rookie QB Sam Bradford better each game and he has the Rams in the playoff picture. No one thought either of those were possible and now they are thanks in large part to Jackson.

    Tyler Morrow - FACT - He is 4th in the NFC in rushing touchdowns behind Ahmad Bradshaw, Adrian Peterson, and Michael Turner. Let us compare yards per carry between these four running backs: Lesean Mccoy rushes for 4.9 yards per carry, Adrian Peterson rushes for 4.8 yards per carry, Ahmad Bradshaw and Michael Turner round out the four with 4.6 and 4.3 yards per carry respectively. The statistic that really separates Mccoy from the other three running backs is Mccoy has 202 more yards receiving than any other of these other three running backs.  So McCoy should be a Pro Bowler, but since the Pro Bowl is largely a popularity contest and McCoy is only in his 2nd season, plus he is overshadowed by the other Eagles offensive stars, I don't think he will make it, but he should.

    Score: 0 for 3

Asante Samuel Is the Most Important Player On The Eagles Defense?

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    4. Asante Samuel is the most important player on the Eagles defense.

    Will Holt - FICTION - Everything sits on the shoulders of Stewart Bradley. The biggest problem facing the Eagles defense is their inability to stop anyone in the redzone and I pin a lot of that on Bradley. He needs to start making plays when the defense's back is against the wall either through filling holes against the run or taking away anything in the middle against the pass. Right now he can't do either and the redzone defense is getting lit up because of it.

    Tyler Morrow - FACT - There is no doubt that Asante Samuel is the defensive MVP of this Eagles team. The simple statistic that he has seven picks and five pass deflections in 36 times targeted speaks volumes for his skill. He is getting his hand on the ball once every three times he is targeted.  With Asante Samuel out of the line-up the Eagles Defense holds the opposing offense to throw on average 83 more yards than each offense’s season average through the air. When Asante Samuel is in the line up the Eagles Defense holds the opposing offense to throw on average 14 yards BELOW each offense’s season average through the air. Keeping Samuel healthy is almost as important as keeping Vick healthy.

    Score:  0 for 4

Eagles Will Beat Dallas Twice This Season?

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    5. Eagles Will Beat Cowboys Twice This Season

    Will Holt - FACT - Dallas absolutely stinks and the Eagles owe them a ton of revenge for the three losses last year. Look, I don't think the Eagles are anything special, but I don't see how they lose to the Cowboys for a fourth-consective time. And once they dispatch the Cowboys next week, you can expect them to roll over like the dogs they are in the final game of the season at the Linc.

    Tyler Morrow - FACT -  I do not want the Eagles to overlook the Cowboys because they are still very talented on both sides of the ball. Jason Garrett has done a wonderful job of inspiring a team that was formerly in the bidding for the number 1 pick. Actually, I would love to see them only get mediocre picks for the upcoming draft. Getting back on track, the Eagles team is different from last year in that their offense is not one dimensional. They have also found more help with Antonio Dixon in stopping the run. I believe this team really has the chance for something special this season, so therefore I expect them to beat Dallas twice.

    Score: 1 for 5

Eagles Offensive Line Worst Ever Under Andy Reid?

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    6. Eagles offensive line is the worst that it has ever been under Andy Reid

    Will Holt - FACT - Even if the offensive line was playing well this would have to be considered the worst simply because of how good the O-line used to be. When you trotted out Tra Thomas and Jon Runyan nearly every game it made everyone else that much better. Now what? Jason Peters and WInston Justice? They're not terrible, but compared to what Reid used to have it's not even close. And then when you start to look at the interior linemen, you might as well stop the discussion with Nick Cole.

    Tyler Morrow - FICTION - While I think that the Eagles have the worst pass protecting line under the Andy Reid era; I also think this line is Andy Reid’s best rushing line. If the line keeps it up at this pace they will have had an increase across the board in rushing statistics. They have increased their average from 4.3 rush avg last year to 5.2 rush avg this year. They are also on pace to score six more rushing touchdowns and 26 more runs of ten yards or more than last year. The downside of having this run heavy line is that they often falter in pass protection leading to an increase of sacks by six over last year. Also quarterback hits will increase by seventeen over last year. I believe Andy is waiting for the playoffs to start running the ball a lot.

    Score: 1 for 6

    So we have our most contentious fact or fiction piece ever, as Will Holt and Tyler Morrow only agree once in six tries.  So who gave the better fact or fiction answers?  Did Will Holt make more sense, or do the readers agree with Tyler Morrow?  Either way, I would like to thank both of them for playing FACT OR FICTION.  Until next week, GO EAGLES!