Washington Redskins: A Fans Letter to Albert Haynesworth

Philip SpeakeCorrespondent IDecember 7, 2010

ASHBURN, VA - JULY 29:  Defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth #92 works out after practice during the Redskins first day of training camp on July 29, 2010 in Ashburn, Virginia.  (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)
Win McNamee/Getty Images

Dear Al,

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Everyone knows you’re lazy, and like to go out on work nights. Resulting in you lying on the field in the middle of plays while 70,000+ Redskins fans pay their hard earned money to cheer for you.

You are not a victim hereyou deserved to be suspended by Mike Shanahan. Redskins fans should be glad to see this finally happen.

Do you think Jim Zorn would have been allowed the authority to make this kind of move? Not a chance. At least Daniel Snyder is no longer making personnel decisions.

However I also do not think this is entirely your faultSnyder and Vinny Cerrato gave you the big contract.

That’s on them.

The majority of people in the league know that handing that much money to a player who doesn’t always play hard is really stupid. You have never played a full season, you complained about both coaching staffs in the past two years publicly.

Remember that time you stepped on Andre Gurode’s head?

I know he is a Cowboy and all, but come on man, at least do it once you’re a Redskin. It just makes more sense, but you never cared while in Washington, and now I am happy that you will never suit up in the Burgundy and Gold again.

Good franchises make smart, carefully thought-out free agent acquisitions (Steelers – Ryan Clark, Ravens – Anquan Boldin, Eagles – Asante Samuel) but your bosses before this year almost never did anything like that. And Albert, you are not going to be the last unfortunately.

First, it was Deion, Bruce Smith, Jeff George, then Dana Stubblefield.

After those guys never panned out, Cerrato and Snyder, tried out Adam Archuleta and Brandon Lloyd.

Now there is you, or rather, there was you.

The last straw came after your half hour diatribe over the radio Monday night.

You whined about not wanting to play nose tackle, whined about being upset and not wanting to go to work today. Guess what when you don’t show up for work, a lot of times you will get fired.

Bruce Allen has a file on you, a folder full of things that you have done over the past year that have been detrimental to the team.

You skipped OTA’s in May, demanded a trade in June, then a day later you skipped the mandatory minicamp.

When you showed up for campa generous gesture by the wayyou failed your head coaches conditioning test multiple timesa test that several reporters in the DC area passed on their first attempts, mocking you.  

This week you came in really hungover just days before the biggest game of the season.

It doesn't matter how good you CAN be.

Teams win championships and you are not a team player.

I hope you have some money left from that $21 million check the 'Skins cut you back in April, beacuse the Redskins might just come after some of that check, be prepared.

I know you feel upset because you got promised certain things when you signed the original contract.

I know Shanahan has been keeping you in the doghouse, but by showing up late and hungover you are giving him the chance to keep you there.

A new attitude has to be established at Redskins Park, with a determined focus of week to week preparation, excellent drafts, and smart signings.

You were a cancer to the team.

Players like Andre Carter, London Fletcher and Phillip Daniels played in a 4-3 for the majority of their careers yet, they didn't complain when the defense switched to a 3-4.

They all showed up to work everyday and managed to conduct themselves in a professional manner. They listened to their coaches to improve the team.

Lorenzo Alexander has played four or five positions.

You won’t even play the one that they need you to play.

I’m more upset the Orioles lost Ty Wigginton today, than I am that you were suspendedhe played like four positions for my O’s.

So goodbye Albert, lets hope you were a big enough headache that the owner will finally learn from his past mistakes and stop overpaying aging veterans to come play in Washington.