Denver Broncos: It's Tim Tebow Time

Joe HunleyContributor IDecember 7, 2010

Tim Tebow
Tim TebowJamie Squire/Getty Images

The Denver Broncos have fired head coach Josh McDaniels, and for many justifiable reasons.

Trading quarterback Jay Cutler to the Bears was a bad move, only to be overshadowed by the trade with Cleveland for Brady Quinn, sending Peyton Hillis to Cleveland. McDaniels traded up and took a gamble drafting Tim Tebow and played him very little.

With a record of three wins and nine losses, it is time for a change!

Kyle Orton has proven his ability to rack-up large amounts of yardage in his passing game. Statistics are impressive when trying to impress your buddies; however, they mean little when they cannot reap one for the win column.

Granted, all the blame cannot be put on Orton; however, the Broncos need a spark, and they need to find out if Tebow is that spark

When Tebow was picked up in the NFL Draft by Denver, Broncos fans were filled with hope. The hype dished out by the Media was entertaining to say the least, as some referred to him as "The Mile High Messiah."

Tebow has been used very little this year, and only in special packages, which usually is a short trot into the end zone.

Tebow has proven his ability to run the ball, and quite effectively. His passing game needs to be evaluated, and playing time is the only true method of doing so.

There are four games left in the season. The Broncos need to answer a few questions about Tebow before the upcoming draft. At 3-9, there is no playoff picture for the Broncos, so it makes sense to use the remaining games to evaluate Tebow.

Give the Broncos fans a reason to hope, a reason to be excited and a chance to possibly see the future.

It's Tebow time!