NFL: Who Got the Job Done in Patriots' Prime-Time Pummeling of the Jets?

Chuck SteakContributor IDecember 7, 2010

NFL: The Patriots Prime-Time Pummeling of the Jets & Who Got the Job Done

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    In what was hyped as a playoff-caliber matchup between two of the leagues best team, quickly turned into a domination by the Patriots. New England opened up a 17-0 first quarter lead and never looked back as they rolled to a 45-3 victory. 

    There were several key things that the Patriots did and a handful of players that stepped up and allowed the team to get their 10th win and seize sole possession of first place in the AFC East. 

    It's hard to argue that any team in the league looks more primed to win a Super Bowl right now than Belichick's Patriots. 

    Who got the job done?

Tom Brady

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    This dude looks more inspired than he has in years, and you can really tell he wants to get back to the big game and win another ring.

    On the way, he looks as though he is going to get his second MVP award too.

    Brady put up 326 yards and four touchdowns, as he carved up the Jets proud defense. Absolutely stunning performance.

The Running Backs: Green-Ellis and Woodhead

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    The Jets were gouged by the Patriots run game, averaging 4.2 yards per carry.  They weren't asked to carry a heavy load necesarily, but when given the ball, they did the right things with it. 

    Woodhead also did well catching the ball, adding an additional 104 yards in the receiving game, to go along with 11 rushing yards. A great game when you're seekin revenge on your ex-team.

    Green-Ellis finished with 81 total yards from scrimmage and ran in two touchdowns. 

The Receivers: Welker and Branch

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    Where were Revis and Cromartie? The Jets had no idea how to cover either of these guys. 

    Welker finished with 80 yards and a touchdown. 

    Branch finished with 64 yards and a touchdown.

    Didn't do much beside his TD catch, but don't want to leave out Tate either. 

The Tight Ends: Hernandez and Gronkowski

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    The Patriots have one the best tight end duos in the NFL, and they're both rookies.

    The duo combined for 63 yards and a touchdown.

The Offensive Line

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    They might have given up a couple sacks, but that doesn't take away from how great these big guys played.

    They blew the Jets defensive line off the ball in the running, allowing the running backs to hit big holes all over the line.

    In the passing games, they gave Brady all day to survey the field and pick apart the Jets. 

The Defense

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    Considered by many to be the team's weak spot, the defense made Mark Sanchez look like a rookie again. 

    They forced three turnovers, all interceptions and held the Jets to only three points. Sanchez had three touchdowns in the first meeting—but not tonight.


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    This game was just an absolute statement. There's no one who can reasonably argue that the Patriots aren't the leagues best team at this point. 

    There wasn't a unit that didn't play well for the Patriots, and that's why almost every player on the team made the list. 

    There's such thing as running up the score in the NFL. They're all professionals making big money, and if you don't want to get blown out, show up and play harder. 

    Congratulations, New England Patriots.