MLB Trade Rumors: 10 NL West Deals That Could Go Down for 2011

Dallas Davis@SpreadANDTotalCorrespondent IDecember 7, 2010

MLB Trade Rumors: 10 NL West Deals That Could Go Down for 2011

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    The NL West has been very active in the early stages of the MLB offseason. Juan Uribe is a Dodger, Miguel Tejada is a Giant, Adrian Gonzalez is playing in Boston and Mark Reynolds has left the Diamondbacks for Baltimore.

    With all the rumors of which players are being targeted by which teams becoming more clear, it's safe to say that the NL West is far from being solidified.

    Let us take a look at trades that are being conjured and some that are merely rumors in the swirling MLB offseason.

Giants Take a Chance On SS Jason Bartlett

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    With the new addition of Miguel Tejada in the Bay Area, many fans are skeptical that the Giants would take a chance on yet another shortstop. Jason Bartlett could prove that wrong in one season.

    Tejada can play third base, and with Pablo Sandoval working hard this offseason, a trade isn't out of the picture. Any rumors including a free-agent outfielder are out of the question as Pat Burrelll signed an additional contract. That leaves the Giants still in pursuit of an infielder: Tejada is 36 and for a Giants team that seemed to be moving towards young talent, they certainly made people like myself confused.

    As it stands, Tejada is a so-called "perfect fit" in SF. I still think the Giants could benefit from bringing in Bartlett.

Diamondbacks Dish Justin Upton To Boston

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    With Boston withdrawing offers on Carl Crawford, it would seem as if the signing of Adrian Gonzalez has made it impossible to offer up "Jayson Werth-type money."

    D-backs GM Kevin Towers has said it will take someone "crazy" to obtain Upton. The Red Sox are crazy about winning. And who knows? After adding Gonzalez to the mix, Upton could be the final piece to a World Series puzzle.

Rockies Acquire Bill Hall

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    Bill Hall is already in negotiations with the Rockies. It'd be a perfect fit, and with his free agency making him a cheap addition, the Rockies almost can't lose.

Padres Add Pitcher Aaron Harang: Next Stop, Will Prospects Prosper?

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    The Padres are all over the news for a supposed blunder in dealing A-Gon. Is it really that bad of a move?

    The Padres have gotten rid of almost everyone. Gwynn, Young, A-Gon and Tejada are just a few of the everyday guys the Padres used to feature. It's certainly official: the Padres have gone on a budget.

    The question is, can the prospects be a factor next year?

    Rizzo is a great prospect, not to mention he plays first base. We will track the progress as the season begins, but his emergence will be of utmost importance in the Padres future.

    Could the future be next season?

Jonathon Broxton and James Loney For Prince Fielder

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    This has been discussed in the rumor world and it actually has a lot of validity.

    The Dodgers have been somewhat quiet, but a move of this magnitude would be insane. I'm not even sure who loses in a trade like this. 

    It almost seems as if the Dodgers come out as the losers.

    In either case, Prince Fielder would change the dynamics of the NL West. One thing is for certain: It would be just another hurdle for the great pitching in the division to overcome.

D-Backs Deal Mark Reynolds: Do They Take a Chance On Adrian Beltre?

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    With the home-run machine Mark Reynolds leaving town, the D-backs will desperately search for a replacement in power category.

    What better fit then Adrian Beltre?

    It's rumored that the A's are now out of the picture, which could leave the door wide open for Arizona.

Bengie Molina Signs With The Rockies

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    Bengie had stated that his career would be done after this last season in Texas. Since then, he's loosened up on his statement.

    The Rockies have Chris Ianetta in place to start, so bringing in a guy like Bengie would almost just be a player/coach move. It really depends on Molina and the type of commitment he is willing to show.

Oakland Free Agent Fire-Sale: Giants Sign OF Travis Buck, Rockies Take DH Cust

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    With both Travis Buck and Jack Cust being among the names mentioned recently in players not receiving a second look in Oakland, it's only a matter of time until they get swooped up. What better place to play then across the bay?

    The Giants look to be content on where they are, but you never know. Cust and Buck are more than decent and the Giants could at least take a look at them, if not sign them to the farm leagues. 

    Cust offers no defense, but Buck could be a spark plug off the bench. I could definitely see the latter of the two heading to San Francisco.

D-Backs Make Crazy Offer For Crawford After Dealing Upton

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    It's not exactly plausible, but if Upton takes a huge deal and skips town, Arizona could offer up some serious cash for Crawford.

    However unlikely that may be, it's not completely out of the picture.

Padres Dip Into Division, Sign Catcher Russell Martin From Dodgers

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    The Dodgers just cut ties with catcher Russell Martin, and if the price is right in San Diego, it could be an easy fit for his new home.

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