Brett Favre: Has the Future Hall of Fame QB Thrown His Last Pass?

Dustin McMahonContributor IDecember 5, 2010

NEW ORLEANS - SEPTEMBER 09:  Quarterback Brett Favre #4 of the Minnesota Vikings sits on the bench dejected late in the fourth quarter against the New Orleans Saints at Louisiana Superdome on September 9, 2010 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Saints won 14-9.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Brett Favre has had ups and downs in his career.

His biggest up, when he lead his Green Bay Packers to a victory in Super Bowl XXXI. In addition, coming out of retirement for a second time at the ripe age of 40 to lead his long-time rival Minnesota Vikings within one game of the Super Bowl in 2009.

While Favre's highs are high, his lows are very, very low.

After deciding not to attend training camp, Favre's career appeared to be over. He underwent surgery on his ankle during the offseason and seemed to be down for the count.

But alas, three teammates of his took a first class flight to his home in Mississippi to bring him back for what was going to be his greatest triumph of all.

He was to lead his Vikings further than they have been in 33 years. Many people thought that this would be the year. The Vikings, with the ground-pound of Adrian Peterson, the aerial assault from Favre's cannon and the shut down defense led by pro-bowl defensive end Jared Allen, would be the would be the Super Bowl favorite.

All was well in purple town, until the start of the season.

In the opening game of the season against the Saints, Favre had very modest numbers; throwing for 171 yards with both a TD and a pick. "That's okay," cried the Minnesota faithful, "after all, they did hang in the entire game with the defending Super Bowl champs."

Then it got ugly. Next game, Favre threw three interceptions and finished the game with a 44.3 QB rating. This was to be a preview of things to come.

The following nine games, Favre (with some help from Brad Childress) led the purple-pride to only four wins in nine games. Out of all nine of those games, Favre could only make it through one game without throwing an interception.

Coming into Week 13, Favre, excited from a hard-fought win last week over Washington, led the league in interceptions with 17 and only had 10 touchdowns in 12 games. Favre took the opening snap in Week 13, but would only make one passing attempt.

As Favre rolled right, he was hit from the back as he threw and went down hard on his shoulder (throwing yet another interception in the process.) Favre needed help off the field, while backup quarterback Tarvaris Jackson warmed up on the sideline.

The next possession, Jackson threw a pick-six to Buffalo—what do you expect, he hasn't seen action in two years.

After that, Jackson had a nice game, with a little bit of rust to wash off, and threw for 187 yards and two touchdowns in the highest scoring game for the Vikings this season.

While this was not a great performance, the team was led by Jackson unlike any game this season under the future Hall of Famer Favre.

This begs the question: Has Favre thrown his last NFL pass? Watching this week's game against Buffalo, I saw something that I hadn't seen all season from Favre—leadership. This leadership came from Jackson, as he led Favre's team to a blowout 38-14 victory over the tough Buffalo Bills.

I saw what I was expecting to see all year: A nice air attack, a pounding running game and a defense that shuts the opposing offense down.

This victory makes you wonder if Favre really is the man that the Vikings need right now. Jackson has been itching to play and I say it's time. He threw two TDs and three INT, but is two years removed of any kind of playing time.

It is time for Favre to sit and head up the bench until he retires at the end of the season.