Randy Moss Has Cost Himself Millions Of Dollars This Year

Jack WindhamAnalyst IDecember 2, 2010

Randy Moss
Randy MossGrant Halverson/Getty Images

Randy Moss once bragged about paying his fines with "straight cash homey."

Well, hopefully he saved up the rest of his money well, because he's not going to be making the big bucks any more. 

Thanks to the events that have taken place this season, Moss has done considerable damage to his own value. He has always been difficult to deal with, but people were able to tolerate his attitude because of what he brought to the field.

Now that he's not producing on the field, all that's left is the bad attitude.

Moss grew disenchanted in New England. He complained about his pay and became a cancer, so the Patriots made the wise decision to trade him away for a draft pick.

A change of scenery did nothing to change Moss.

He became such a cancer to the team in Minnesota that Brad Childress opted to waive him without even notifying the owner of his decision.

For those of you that are keeping count, that's twice this season that Moss has found a way to get himself kicked off a team.

With every other team in the league not willing to take a chance on him, Moss managed to find a new home with the Tennessee Titans. There was high hope in the franchise that Moss could form a dynamic duo with running back Chris Johnson.

However, the results simply have not been there. Moss has four catches in three games and the Titans have lost three straight.

Rather than being one of the biggest free-agent prizes next summer, Moss will have to worry about being able to find a team.

Vincent Jackson (and quite possibly Chad Ochocinco) is expected to be the best available wide receiver. Moss' only other competition for free-agency money would have been Terrell Owens, who himself is another head case. 

Rather than being paid big bucks, Moss now has to worry about just being employed.