Oakland Raiders Head Down To San Diego To Defeat an Old Nemesis

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IIDecember 3, 2010

Time for the Oakland raiders to step up and win some battles beginning in San Diego this week.
Time for the Oakland raiders to step up and win some battles beginning in San Diego this week.Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

 The Oakland Raider first played their AFC West rivals back in 1960. Now, 50 years later, the Oakland Raiders are traveling to San Diego to play the San Diego Chargers in a battle to stay in playoff contention.

The Oakland Raiders defeated the Chargers the majority of their meetings. The record is an astounding 50 wins versus 30 losses. The Oakland Raiders at this time are climbing out of a pot hole. The Oakland Raiders as  are 5-6 with a recent loss to the Miami Dolphins. Will there be any difference in the play ability of the Oakland Raiders this week? Most importantly is will the team play a complete game from beginning to end and defeat their rivals?

  The Oakland Raiders primary focus needs to be on Chargers QB Phillips Rivers. The defensive line will need to get the hurries and sacks that did not appear in last weeks game. The front four of the Oakland Raiders have already proven that they are fearsome. The problem is consistancy. One week the Oakland Raiders are tossing the QB around like a rag doll, then the next week they are leaving holes open for the opponents running backs and the sacks and hurries are few.

 The rivalry is the key this weekend. The Oakland Raiders at this point are 3-0 against  their rivals. This is surprising to many  because the San Diego Chargers and the Kansas City Chiefs look prety good this year. In fact it would appears that these two teams are progressing game to game.

  As for the Raiders, well, its pretty typical that there are two teams in Oakland. The underachievers and the over achievers.

 The Raidernation watched some great games when the overachievers defeated the Denver Broncos 59-10. Then there was the 23-20 win over the Kansas City Chiefs and the bad play calling refs. Actually Jacoby Ford won that game and has since been an overachieving superstar for the Silver and Black. Finally was the defeat over the San Diego Chargers which took many by surprise except for the Oakland Raiders and their gigantic fan base.

  Next, was the underachieving games in which the Raiders were literally embarrassed by the San Francisco 49ers, the Pittsburgh Steelers and lastly the Miami Dolphins. Notice a pattern here?

 Yes , the winning games are against AFC West rivals. So will domination over the rivals continue til seasons end? Chances are they will, and the reason why is simple. The Oakland Raiders are at the end of their rope. They know how important these last five games are. They are in rival games and can turn the ship around and get it back on course to the gridiron of the AFC playoffs.

  Should the San Diego Chargers even think that Raiders are fading, or returning to their old selves is not a good idea. Its almost like touching a wounded animal, you will get bit.The Silver and Black has to play this game with a fire in their veins and a madness that will have Phillip Rivers whimpering at the end of the game. They need to dominate this game from beginning to end and although you may think the Raiders are out, you  just don't know the Oakland Raiders.

  This team  is filled with a plethora of talent and with Jacoby Ford, Louis Murphy and Darius Heyward - Bey zipping down the field , QB Jason Campbell has the simple task of getting the ball into the air and ahead of the receives. we have all seen Louis Murphy catch some great passes. DHB is getting better and better and should be thrown to. lastly we all love the ball hawking ability and rip away power of Jacoby Ford.

  Heck with CBs Chris Johnson and Walter McFadden playing pop warnor football I could easily see Jacoby Ford playing CB. Jacoby Ford is just  one "tough hombre" out there so its certain that the Chargers will be watching.

  Thats leaves Johnnie Lee Higgins, Zach Miller and DHB with the one on one coverage.Jason Campbell should have a fine day.

  There still remains the unsable running attacks. Darren McFadden had been looking quite impressive in recent times, however he has been shut down recently. This is really not his fault but rather the play calling and the offensive line opening the path for McFadden

  . Expect to see a lot more Michael Bush pounding away at the defensive line. This was the method Jon Gruden used when he had the talents of Napoleon Kaufman and power horse RB Tyrone Wheatley. I can even remember the great running style of Charlie Garner, is he looking for a job? :)

  So will the Oakland Raiders defeat a hot San Diego Charger team this Sunday? Why yes they will. The Oakland Raiders are leaving the gloomy skies of Oakland to bask in the rays of San Diego. After some sunlight and a knowledge of the season, the Oakland Raiders will be back! And they always attack!!    Oakland  32- 14 against the Chargers.