Power Ranking All 32 NFL Teams: Loudest and Loyal Fanbases

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Power Ranking All 32 NFL Teams: Loudest and Loyal Fanbases
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No professional sports association in America brings out the best (and in some cases, the worst) from its fans than the National Football League.

Sure, baseball games have moments that make fans delirious. But a lot of the time, there's a lull between pitches and innings when nothing eventful happens and fans get a chance to check their Blackberry's or grab a few more drinks.

Basketball probably has the most "wow!" moments in any game. But several fanbases around the league are either weak, don't care enough to show up to games or are so despondent from years of losing that they can't get too fired up during games.

But in the NFL (and college football as well), fans never take a play off. Most of them are standing and screaming the entire game.

Every play seems to have giant ramifications, and momentum swings can happen at any second.

And some fanbases are just more rabid than others. Maybe they're starving for a championship, or maybe there is too much going on in the city for fans to get too carried away about a game.

So which fans are the loudest and most boisterous when it comes to supporting their teams? Not necessarily the loudest at the game, but the ones who you'll see scattered across the country (and not bandwagon fans who love wearing the jerseys—we're talking about the ones who are the most dedicated to their team).

Let's count 'em down, starting at the bottom at No. 32 with...

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