The 14 NFL Quarterbacks That Have Improved Their Passer Rating This Season

Andrew McKillopContributor IIDecember 1, 2010

The 14 NFL Quarterbacks That Have Improved Their Passer Rating This Season

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    The passer rating statistic is one of the best ways to measure how well a QB is playing.  There are 14 QBs in the NFL this season that have improved their passer ratings from last season.

    To note, you won’t see Michael Vick listed in the slideshow because he only threw 13 passes in 2009, thus he didn’t post a qualified passer rating last season. Although Vick isn't listed in this slideshow, without a doubt he is the most improved QB this season.

Matt Cassel

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    In Matt Cassel's first season with the Kansas City Chiefs, he posted a 69.9 passer rating.  This season he has a 99.7 passer rating, for a 29.8 point improvement.  The biggest improvement in the NFL this season.

Josh Freeman

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    Josh Freeman posted a 59.8 passer rating in his rookie season.  This season he has rebounded with a 89.3 passer rating, for a 29.5 point improvement. 

Mark Sanchez

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    I'm sure New York Jets fans wish Mark Sanchez passer rating was higher than 81.9 this season, however it's a 18.9 point improvement off of his 63.0 passer rating last year.

Vince Young

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    It's been a season to forget for Vince Young.  However before he went down to injury, Vince Young posted a 98.6 passer rating this season.  That's a 15.8 point improvement off of his 82.8 rating last year.

Ryan Fitzpatrick

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    The Buffalo Bills as a team haven’t improved, but their QB Ryan Fitzpatrick has.  Fitzpatrick's passer rating this season is 85.2, for a 15.5 point improvement off of last year's 69.7 passer rating.

Jay Cutler

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    Jay Cutler's first season with the Chicago Bears didn't go over so well with fans, as he posted a 76.8 passer rating.  However this year Jay Cutler has performed better, and has a 90.4 passer rating.  That's a 13.6 point improvement off of his passer rating last year.

Matt Ryan

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    It's hard to remember now, but Matt Ryan had a rather average season last year, with a 80.9 passer rating.  This season his passer rating is 94.4 for a 13.5 point improvement, and his team the Atlanta Falcons are flying high.

Tom Brady

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    For most QBs posting a 96.2 passer rating would be a reason to celebrate.  But for Tom Brady it was considered a down season last year.  This year though he has bounced back with a passer rating of 105.8, for a 9.6 point improvement.  Brady only trails Michael Vick by 0.2 points for the NFL lead in passer rating.

David Garrard

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    David Garrard posted a 83.5 passer rating last season.  This season his passer rating is 92.7, for a 9.2 point improvement.  Garrard is playing better than last season, and It's one of the reasons why the Jacksonville Jaguars have been able to pull off victories in some close games.

Kyle Orton

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    Denver Broncos fans were pleasantly surprised about Kyle Orton's 86.8 passer rating last season. Although the Broncos are struggling this season, don't blame Orton.  His passer rating is 96.0 this season, for a 9.2 point improvement off of last year's.

Chad Henne

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    You can't say that Chad Henne is putting up Pro Bowl worthy numbers, with a 81.3 passer rating this season, but it is a 6.1 point improvement, off of his 75.2 passer rating last season.

Joe Flacco

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    Joe Flacco has posted a solid passer rating every season of his three-year career, this year however he's posting his best yet, with a 93.2 passer rating.  This is a 4.3 point improvement off of his 88.9 passer rating last season.

Matt Hasselbeck

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    Matt Hasselbeck has certainly posted better passer ratings than this season's 78.9 rating, but it is a 3.8 point improvement off his his 75.1 rating last season.

Philip Rivers

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    It's hard to improve off of a 104.4 passer rating, but Philip Rivers had done just that this season.  His 104.9 passer rating this season, marks a 0.5 point improvement in his passer rating.