NFL 2010 Regular Season Week 12 Power Poll

MJ Kasprzak@BayAreaCheezhedSenior Writer IIDecember 1, 2010

The marquee game last weekend did not disappoint
The marquee game last weekend did not disappointKevin C. Cox/Getty Images

By December, it becomes easy to separate the contenders (top six) from the pretenders (next 10), also-rans and just bad teams (bottom six).

Hot streaks and struggles usually give way to teams making a run for either the playoffs or a top 10 pick in the draft.

There are always those teams that cannot quite put on a run for either, but hang around at the outside of the playoff picture. But only a few teams (Minnesota, San Francisco, Oakland and Dallas come to mind) start off as either good or bad and head the other way.

As Bill Parcells famously said, "You are what your record says you are." Still, there are 6-5 teams that are better than 7-4 teams, etc.

Here is what each team's record says they should be ranked:

1. New England Patriots

Statistically unimpressive. They just find ways to win.


2. New York Jets

Most victories close games vs. inferior competition and just one signature win.

3. Baltimore Ravens

Have played tough schedule and recorded big road wins.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers

Last victory over seven-win team was Week 1.

5. Atlanta Falcons

9-1 since Week 1 loss in Pittsburgh. Wins over Packers, Saints and Bucs.


6. New Orleans Saints

Getting healthy and back on track.


7. Chicago Bears

Adjustments have helped protection and Jay Cutler's turnovers.


8. Philadelphia Eagles

Have teams finally adjusted to Michael Vick?


9. Green Bay Packers

Can this team overcome its Achilles Heels (running game, special teams)?


10. New York Giants

If not for turnover differential, this team might still be on top of the NFC.


11. San Diego Chargers

Stop calling it their annual run. The scheduling has turned favorable.

12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

They may not make the playoffs, but they are for real.


13. Kansas City Chiefs

Struggling now that they are not catching opponents off-guard.


14. Indianapolis Colts

Packers fans do not want to hear the injury excuse given to (not by) the Colts.

15. Miami Dolphins

Lost ground while playing third-string quarterback.


16. Jacksonville Jaguars

Bad team on paper; their success has to be a credit to coach Jack Del Rio.


17. Houston Texans

When teams are one play away in so many losses, the difference is mental.


18. Tennessee Titans

Heard of two QBs means none? So does no QBs...

19. Washington Offensively-Named Ones

Coach Shanahan should bench defense in two-minute drill.


20. St. Louis Rams

They would be a year away in any other division.

21. Cleveland Browns

Looks like a good move that Mike Holmgren did not replace Eric Mangini.

22. Oakland Raiders

After a brief flash of competitiveness, they are who we thought they were.

23. Minnesota Vikings

Team is through hardest part of schedule, player-coach conflicts.


24. Seattle Seahawks

Injuries hurt teams that are already lacking, like Seattle.

25. Dallas Cowboys

Still not the team they were supposed to be, but now playing hard.

26. San Francisco Forty-Niners

After 0-5 start, 4-2 and just one game out of first place!


27. Buffalo Bills

Better than you think. They have played a lot of great teams close.

28. Denver Broncos

You read it here firstJosh McDaniels will remain the coach for 2011.

29. Detroit Lions

Run of getting top-five pick should extend to third year.

30. Cincinnati Bengals

If talk won titles, Chad 8-5 and TO would have more rings than fingers.

31. Arizona Cardinals

Someone make Derek Anderson admit he laughed during Monday's blowout.


32. Carolina Panthers

Lame-duck coach guiding lame-team talent = top pick in draft.


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