Tennessee Titans: How Can They Improve Their Chances of Winning For Next Season?

Brandon Griffin@simdrummerCorrespondent INovember 30, 2010

MIAMI - NOVEMBER 14:  Coach Jeff Fisher of the Tennessee Titans shouts against the Miami Dolphins at Sun Life Stadium on November 14, 2010 in Miami, Florida.  (Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images)
Marc Serota/Getty Images

With December rolling around and only 2 more months of football left teams are really starting to see what they have and what they don't. The Titans know they have some sort of super team potential, but they just can't put it all together.

In week two against the Steelers it was turnovers that plagued the Titans as they weren't able to get into rhythm all day as their defense was outstanding.

Week four the Broncos beat the Titans by shutting down Chris Johnson and getting help from Marc Mariani as he dropped a short kickoff in the final two minutes that helped the clock tick down for the Titans.

In other losses their have been untimely injuries and penalties that have led to the defeat of the Titans.

Injuries happen and can't really be blamed, so with those out of the question what are the best ways for the Titans to improve when the offseason rolls around?

One thing to do would be to find more on the field discipline. The Titans have had numerous personal fouls that could have easily not happened if the players were more disciplined. That goes back to the Coach, Fisher has a history of well behaved teams, but they just don't seem to care what he says now.

Along with the discipline Fisher is playing musical quarterbacks, and in doing so has got the rest of the team in a craze. If you can't stick to one quarterback then you can't win in the NFL. Fisher obviously needs to go for someone who will let Vince Young be the franchise quarterback his win/loss record proves he can be.

Other ways to help a team that has an outstanding bend but don't break defense is to help put points on the board. When Young and Britt are healthy the Titans have proved they can do just that.

The running game is not as strong as it was last year due to a lack of lanes, possibly because of changes in the offensive line after last season. Mawae was let go and some guys were moved around. So maybe picking up and good offensive lineman would help the Titans next year. I like Derek Sherrod from Mississippi State, who has been the staple in their running game the past couple of years.

Last year the special teams needed help, but with Bironas, Kern, and Mariani this has been completely fixed.

What do you think the Titans should do for improvement? Where should they go in the draft? Are their any possible free agents the Titans should try to pick up? I enjoy hearing the opinions of fellow fans.