Rams vs. Broncos: A Prime Example Of Too Little Too Late For Denver

Michael KellerAnalyst IIINovember 28, 2010

DENVER - NOVEMBER 28:  Wide receiver Eddie Royal #19 of the Denver Broncos slips past a pair of St. Louis Rams defenders for a touchdown during the fourth quarter at INVESCO Field at Mile High on November 28, 2010 in Denver, Colorado. The Rams defeated the Broncos 36-33. (Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)
Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Today there were two Denver Broncos teams that showed up: the one in the first quarter and the game's last seven minutes. The one in the rest of the game was, well, not worth watching.

Once again, the first two series were a perfect example of scripted plays. Everyone was making the right blocks, the right reads and moved the ball like a machine.

Then there was that incredible comeback that just fell short. This was also about the only place the Bronco D showed up in pass defense. And the O took off on the back of Eddie Royal, who may have finally gotten tired of Brandon Lloyd getting all the love.

I was also impressed with how the team came back when they could have just laid down after all the crap that has gone on the past two days with Spygate II. But I think this was more a show of the team playing for the team rather than for their head coach.

I saw some incredible individual efforts from guys like LBs Joe Mays and DJ Williams, WR Eddie Royal, Safeties Brian Dawkins and Reynaldo Hill and QB Kyle Orton.

What I didn't see was much out of the O-line much of the time when they were often playing matador blocking and letting the pass rush get to Orton way too often.

I also didn't see the No. 11 draft choice in Moreno paying dividends with his inability to once again hold onto the ball, costing Denver a possession and a FG which was the margin in this game.

I also watched the inability of rookie CB Perrish Cox to step in and step up for the injured Andre Goodman. He has physical skills and may turn into a very good CB, but he is not there yet, as proven by his play today and last week.

I saw that Denver's lack of stability on the defensive coaching staff has hurt this team. "Wink" Martindale may some day be a pretty good D Coordinator, but he has a lot to learn about teaching some basic fundamentals and being in control of his side of the ball.

I saw the future for the Rams in QB Sam Bradford. He played like a five year veteran in his decision-making and his poise. Part of that was due to a complete lack of a pass rush, but he still was impressive. Bradford will be a great QB for the Rams and a key piece for them on which to base their rebuilding.

But maybe the most painful thing I saw today was how one man (Josh McDaniels) dismantled a very good offensive team and squandered a lot of high draft choices on players who have not produced. (Alphonso Smith, Richard Quinn, Demarius Thomas, Tebow, etc.). These draft picks could have and should have been used to add quality and depth to a defense that had the building blocks but not enough pieces to be a consistent defense in the NFL.

And lastly, I saw a faithful fan base being skewered by this same young, immature and not-ready-for-primetime head coach. They came today to watch their beloved Broncos win a home game and although it was close, it was still a L in the W-L column.

And they deserved better.

Just one Bronco(maniac)'s opinion.