NFL Division Standings Now and Predictions for the End of the Season

Bill AquavivaContributor IINovember 28, 2010

NFL Division Standings Now and Predictions For The End of The Season

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    This article takes a look at the current NFL divisional standings, including who would be in the playoffs if the season ended today.  It also provides my end of season predictions, including the division winners and wild cards.

    Most teams in the picture today will remain in the picture at the end of the year but there are some changes sure to spark controversy.

AFC: Today

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    East W  L    
    N.Y. Jets 9 2 x
    New England Patriots    9 2 y
    Miami Dolphins 5 5 
    Buffalo Bills 2 8 
    North W  
    Pittsburgh Steelers 7 3 x
    Baltimore Ravens 7 3 y
    Cleveland Browns 3 8 
    Cincinnati Bengals 2 9 
    South W L 
    Jacksonville Jaguars 6 4 x
    Indianapolis Colts 6 4 
    Tennessee Titans 5 5 
    Houston Texans 4 6 
    West W L 
    Kansas City Chiefs 6 4 x
    San Diego Chargers 5 5 
    Oakland Raiders 5 5 
    Denver Broncos 3 7 

    If the season ended today the division winners would be the Jets, Ravens, Jaguars and Chiefs and the wild card teams would be the Patriots and Steelers.

    Do you really want to see the Jaguars and Chiefs hosting playoff games - or in the playoffs at all?  Well, maybe the Jaguars would be OK, but the Chiefs?  Really?

    Let's see how things will look at the end of week 17.

AFC: End of Season

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    East W  L    
    N.Y. Jets 12 4 x
    New England Patriots    12 4 y
    Miami Dolphins  9 7 
    Buffalo Bills  412 
    North W  L   
    Baltimore Ravens 12 4 x
    Pittsburgh Steelers 11 5 y
    Cleveland Browns  511 
    Cincinnati Bengals  313 
    South W L 
    Indianapolis Colts 10 6 x
    Tennessee Titans  8 8 
    Jacksonville Jaguars  8 8 
    Houston Texans  7 9 
    West W L 
    San Diego Chargers 10 6 x
    Kansas City Chiefs 10 6 
    Oakland Raiders  610 
    Denver Broncos  610 

    While the Jets and Ravens manage to hang on and win their divisions, and the Patriots and Steelers stay in their current wild card spots, a couple of changes do occur as the Chargers jump over the Chiefs and squeak out another division win, and Jacksonville crashes and burns as the Colts bounce back a little bit to win their division.  Kansas City is the big loser as they wrap up a very surprising season at 10-6 but fail to make the playoffs.

NFC: Today

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    East W  L    
    Philadelphia Eagles  7 3 x
    N.Y. Giants  6 4 
    Washington Redskins    5 5 
    Dallas Cowboys  3 8 
    North W  L   
    Chicago Bears  7 3 x
    Green Bay Packers  7 3 y
    Minnesota Vikings  3 7 
    Detroit Lions  2 9 
    South W L 
    Atlanta Falcons  8 2 x
    New Orleans Saints  8 3 y
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers    7 3 
    Carolina Panthers  1 9 
    West W L 
    Seattle Seahawks  5 5 x
    St. Louis Rams  4 6 
    San Francisco 49ers  3 7 
    Arizona Cardinals  3 7 

    Right now the NFC playoff teams would include the Eagles, Bears, Falcons and Seahawks as division winners, as well as the Packers and Saints as the wild card teams.

    No real disappointments here (besides the fact that someone from the NFC West makes the playoffs).  The surprises here are the Vikings, Cowboys and 49ers for performing so poorly and the Buccaneers for performing so well.

    Let's see how things shake out at the end of the year.

NFC: End of Season

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    East W  L    
    Philadelphia Eagles 10  6 x
    N.Y. Giants  9  7 
    Washington Redskins    7  9 
    Dallas Cowboys  6 10 
    North W  L   
    Green Bay Packers 11  5 x
    Chicago Bears 10  6 y
    Minnesota Vikings  6 10 
    Detroit Lions  4 12 
    South W L 
    Atlanta Falcons 12  4 x
    New Orleans Saints 11  5 y
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers    9  7 
    Carolina Panthers  2 14 
    West W L 
    San Francisco 49ers  7  9 x
    Seattle Seahawks  7  9 
    St. Louis Rams  6 10 
    Arizona Cardinals  6 10 

    The Eagles and Falcons hold onto their division leads to win their divisions, while the Packers pass the Bears to win the NFC North and the 49ers do what many thought was impossible after the start to their season - they win their division and make the playoffs.

    Wild card spots go to the Saints and Bears, leaving the Giants out in the cold and probably saving Lovie Smith's job for another year.

    Pete Carroll's return to the NFL ends by just missing the playoffs in the NFL's weakest division.