Minnesota Vikings: Brett Favre and 5 Ways to Make the Best of His Situation

Ray TannockSenior Analyst INovember 26, 2010

Minnesota Vikings: Brett Favre and Five Ways to Make the Best of His Situation

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    For the seemingly immortal Brett Favre, playing for a new head coach and dealing with the situations that come with that territory is nothing out of the ordinary.

    The old gunslinger has played under six head coaches in his career, not to mention the bevy of coordinators which are too numerous to mention.

    So with Favre’s seventh head coach about to try his hand at plotting a new course for the misguided Vikings, it’s Favre who will look to make the best of his newest situation.

    Let’s take a look at five ways Brett Favre can make the best of his situation.

Doing The Impossible: Make The Playoffs, Brett!

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    Brett Favre has a panache for pursuing impossibilities, just look at this season for cripes sake.

    But for Favre and the Vikings, the playoffs are still in fact reachable—albeit nearly impossible—but hey that’s right up Favre’s alley!

    The Vikings are 11th in the conference, behind the Rams, Redskins, Giants and Buccaneers for seventh overall, and face both the Giants and Redskins—this Sunday— as well as one more showdown with Chicago, and a meeting with Philadelphia the day after Christmas, so Favre and the Vikings control more than half of their own fate.

    All Favre can do is simply make the best of this situation and win every game outright, and hope for a little help along the way.

Good Endings Are Always Better Than Bad Ones

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    It’s a pretty good bet that this is Brett Favre’s last hoorah as an NFL player, and hopefully I am right for many reasons.

    Favre’s first 10 games have been nothing short of forgettable, and with only six to go, now would be a good time to stop playing so poorly and put the past where it belongs, in the past.

    The best way for Favre to make the best of this situation is to actually listen to his coach this time, stop fighting the system if he knows it isn’t working and end a storied career on a positive note.

    Good endings are always better than bad ones, Brett.

Go With The Flow and Start Having Fun Again, Brett!

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    Remember these days, Favre?Matt Stroshane/Getty Images

    Head coach Leslie Frazier claims to have a plan as to what will fix this team and set them in the right direction. He hopes everyone will see that in the Vikings' play this Sunday against the Redskins.

    But up until now, everything has seemed forced, conflicted, tumultuous even.

    Not only will this send a team in a nosedive, but it will take the entire fun factor out of the game, replacing it with undesired, regimented seriousness that is usually overdone like burnt muffins.

    Brett Favre isn’t having fun out there, and neither is this team.

    The best way for Favre to make the best of this situation is to get back to the basics, and start having fun again! Remember how much fun you used to have playing this game, Brett?

    Look, if retirement is inevitable then it just makes sense: a happy Favre is a productive Favre. I have watched this guy play for over a decade, and his worst games were always a by-product of lack of enjoyment first, which triggers a domino effect within Favre...a destructive one at that.

Take Any Advantage Available!

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    Leslie Frazier is much more aggressive than Chilly Willy, anyone who contests that doesn’t watch Vikings’ football.

    And you have to assume that with an added level of aggressiveness, there will be a more aggressive offensive approach.

    Percy Harvin, Sidney Rice and Visanthe Shiancoe make up the three headed monster that carried this team to one play away from a Super Bowl appearance—not to mention that other monster lurking in the backfield.

    The best way to take advantage of this situation is to let the new torrent of aggression flow into this seemingly lifeless shell of a team that once was, which in my opinion, has enough power to bring this team back to life.

Let Go When The Time Comes!

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    It’s hard to say whether or not Frazier will be kept next year, or if he will field other offers. In fact, it’s hard to speculate where a lot of these players will be when 2012 comes traipsing along. But one thing that seems a sure bet is that Favre is bound for retirement.

    But that means Favre has to let go when the time comes.

    The best way to make the best of this situation is to simply walk away for good this time, and not get involved in any off-season speculative acts of retirement.

    This team is already plotted for a new direction, and that will not happen until Favre lets go legitimately.

    The players need to know who will be their leader from day one, not upon the eleventh hour.

    The organization needs to know that the Favre regime is over, so they can look towards who will be the new Vikings’ heir.

    And the fans need to have some sort of closure to two of the most taxing years they’ve ever been a part of, in order to usher in a new beginning.

    In summation, for Favre to make the best of his situation, he’ll need to have fun chasing his own shadow, while taking advantage of what lies ahead before deciding to let go once and for all and simply hang up the cleats!