Sean Payton's Saints Squeek Past Jason Garrett's Cowboys on Turkey Day

John B. HaffordContributor INovember 26, 2010

Saints head-coach, Sean Payton
Saints head-coach, Sean PaytonMatthew Stockman/Getty Images

What else can I say as a Dallas Cowboys fan whose team just lost their eighth game? 

I can say that C Andre Gurode, PK David Buehler and maybe WR Roy E. Williams need not show up for training camp next year.  I seriously doubt Gurode and Buehler have a future with Dallas beyond this season.  I can also say that Jon Kitna did another fantastic job of engineering an incredible drive. 

I can also say that Felix Jones outdid himself, especially when blocking for Miles Austin. I can also say that while Gerald Sensabaugh's interception was amazing, Jesse Holley's take-down of Reggie Bush was outstanding. 

I can also say that by and large, the Cowboys, in the second half, outplayed the New Orleans Saints.  The 'Boys had more time of possession and Kitna threw for 313 yards on 30-of-42 attempts.  I'll write more tomorrow with all the numbers. 

Now, I just want to close with a few things.  The first is a quote from Roy Williams via the Associated Press:

"I lost the ballgame," Williams said. "I let my teammates down. I need to fall down. We run the clock down and win the game. I was trying to make a play, and they did a good job. It's late in the game. That's the nail in the coffin. We had the momentum going our way. We were there. That was a W. I get tackled, we get in the end zone, and we win. I fall down, and we win."

Those were my thoughts exactly as I threw my Cowboys cap to the ground.  But, I give Williams credit for his honesty.  Instead of trying to place the blame elsewhere or just giving a Phillips-like ho-hum-gotta-get-back-the-basics BS excuse, he falls on the sword like a man. I just wish he had fallen on the damn football instead; and you can bet Jason Garrett is going say to this to Williams next week, just without the expletives.

All in all, a loss is a loss.  But, this is a good loss.  Not because the 'Boys came back with 27 points in a very narrow game, but because the rest of this season is amounting to a very large training camp. 

The Cowboys are no longer contenders (as if they really were with a 1-7 start).  But, this game just showed us that the Cowboys can establish a running game.  The Saints may have found the chinks in the Cowboys' new armor, but that new armor is still better than the old armor and I expect it to hold up against Indy and Philly.

Jason Garrett is still off to a good start and will continue his winning ways into 2011.  Remember, the Patriots went 5-11 in their first year with Belichick, followed by a Super Bowl victory the next year.  The Cowboys still have a bright future ahead.