Asante Samuel Docked $40K: Fine Is a Travesty, Just Ask Richard Seymour

Darren GrossmanCorrespondent INovember 25, 2010

Asante Samuel got fined 40K for a big hit, meanwhile Seymour gets 25K for a punch?  Where's the justice?
Asante Samuel got fined 40K for a big hit, meanwhile Seymour gets 25K for a punch? Where's the justice?Nick Laham/Getty Images

When I read that Asante Samuel was fined $40,000 for his hit in the Giants game, I immediately became outraged.  Look, I have no issue with the fact that Samuel was fined.  It was more the fact that he was fined $40,000.

I have made my stance on this whole new age concussion thing abundantly clear in past articles.

I don't believe the league should do anything about the problem.  It has always happened, and these guys make a decision to take the risk and get paid a lot of money to play the game.  They are not forced to do it, therefore, I don't see why they should be overly protected by the league. 

Anyways, this article is not about that issue. You can read the article linked above if you want my stance on the whole concussion/head injury business.  My issue is about the ridiculousness of the NFL's disciplinary process.

Let me explain.  Richard Seymour, a defensive end for the Oakland Raiders, threw a punch at Ben Roethlisberger's head after the whistle, and he was ejected from the game.  His fine was $25,000.  That's right, he got only $25,000 for punching someone in the head after the whistle.

That's why Samuel being fined $40,000 is an outrage.  How can Samuel be fined that much for a big hit in the context of the game?  He clearly was not trying to be dirty; he was simply trying to break up a pass.  Samuel is actually a known soft player, and is often criticized for being a terrible tackler.

Yet he gets fined $40,000 for a borderline hit that was in the context of breaking up a pass.  Meanwhile, Seymour throws a punch and gets $25,000?  That's $15,000 less than Samuel for those keeping track at home.

These fines for hits are really starting to annoy me.  The players don't want these rules, so why does the league keep making them?  If the player doesn't want to get hit, tell him to retire and go work at Walmart.  I doubt he'll get a concussion there.

Look, I'm not saying dirty hits should not be fined, but $40,000?  Rumor has it the league wanted to make it $50,000, but Andy Reid called the league and got it reduced to $40,000.  So that means throwing a punch after the whistle is only half as bad as hitting someone hard trying to break up a pass. 

At least that's the message I got from the NFL after reading about Samuel's fine.  If Samuel got $40,000, Seymour should have gotten $160,000.  Or $250,000. 

The NFL disciplinary commission is a joke and it always will be until the league gets its priorities straight.  In an age where the league is all about protecting players, apparently punching someone in the head is not that bad, just don't try to tackle them there while catching the ball.

Anyone else want to puke yet?