Denver Broncos vs. San Diego Chargers: Broncos Brought a Knife To a Gunfight

Michael Keller@@MichaelK_NFLAnalyst IIINovember 28, 2010

Denver Broncos Vs San Diego Chargers: Broncos Brought a Knife To a Gunfight

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    Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

    Watching the Denver Broncos get totally dismantled by the San Diego Chargers Monday night was watching the end of an era in the long storied history of the Denver Broncos franchise.

    Other than the first drive, there was little to see that was positive in this game. The offense, the defense, the special teams, the coaching, especially the coaching, showed me nothing that would lead me to believe this was anything but a 3rd tier NFL franchise.

First Impressions Can Be Deceiving

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    Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

    The first drive Denver put together was a thing of beauty. They ran the ball with authority, they threw it with a great deal of confidence and they scored by running it down the throat of a discombobulated San Diego defense.

    But that was just about the end of the highlight reel for the Broncos.

    Other than a somewhat meaningless TD after the game was pretty much decided, this was when many Denver fans turned to watching another Palin further embarrass herself on a "reality" show called Dancing With the Stars.

    Both of these events were painful to watch, if you were from Denver, Colorado or from Wasilla, Alaska. 

Chargers QB Rivers Was The Gun At The Gunfight

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    Watching the way QB Phillip Rivers carved up the Denver defense was a thing of beauty (if you were a Chargers fan), if you were a Bronco fan, not so much.

    The way he took advantage of the rookie CB Perrish Cox and his ability to consistently find the gaping holes in the middle of the Denver D was almost ridiculous (Again if you were not a Chargers fan).

    As much as it pains me to say this, Rivers has become one of the premier QBs in the NFL. He was cool, calm, collected and consistent in the way he read the Denver D and made the right throws at the right time.

    He finished the game with a very efficient 15-24 for 233 yards and 4 TDs. Yes, he did throw an INT, but that was only because of an incredible play by All World CB Champ Bailey and his acrobatic INT that very few other players could have duplicated.

    He was sacked and hurried a few times but never once did I see where he was rattled, angry or in any way lose his composure.

Josh McDaniels Was The Knife at The Gunfight

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    Watching the way the first series rolled out and the success that the Broncos had in marching down the field said a lot about how well the Denver organization prepared for the beginning of the game.

    Unfortunately, it also showed how poorly the Denver coaching staff was able to evolve and adapt to the changes made by the Chargers defense after that drive.

    Was this a lack of maturity, a lack of experience or maybe just a lack of awareness of what it takes to work in the real-time environment of an NFL game.

    Whatever the reasons, I have to lay most of the blame on where the buck does stop; the head coach, Josh McDaniels.

Guns Or Knives: What Should We Expect Going Forward?

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    Considering that the Broncos are maybe the penultimate Jeckell and Hyde story, the ability to predict what happens next may be too much to realistically prognosticate.

    Of course, that precludes any of the infotainment shows for everyone that wants to live in the "reality" of the real world.

    Next time, Josh, make sure you bring that .44 Magnum so that the rest of us don't have to wuss out and roll over and accept the same calibre in our ear hole next week;