Good Riddance To Sports Columnist Jay Mariotti

K. G.Senior Analyst IAugust 30, 2008

As you may already know Chicago Sun-Times sports columnist Jay Mariotti resigned Tuesday afternoon to the pleasure of all Chicago Sports fans and even all Chicago Athletes. Jay Mariotti was a torn in every ones behind. He took it upon himself to berate every team. Put down every player, trash every manager and discount every owner. He even got on the nerves of his own colleges such as Rick Telander and even the likable film critic of the Sun-times Roger Ebert. Believe me when I say this guy was truly despised in Chicago and he will not be missed to say the least.

White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen was probably the happiest of all Chicagoans to hear that Jay had finally decided to give up. See back in 2006 Guillen called Mariotti a F______Fag" and especially took some major heat from MLB baseball who ordered Ozzie to take some so called sensitivity training courses. But Jay was relentless with his constant jabbering referring to Ozzie as "Blizzard of Oz" he even went as far as saying that Guillen was senseless and immature in one column after Guillen order then Sox pitcher Sean Tracey to hit Texas Rangers batter Hank Blalock after White Sox catcher A.J. Pierzynski was plunked twice by Rangers pitcher Vicente Padilla.

Jay always took it upon himself to get under the skin of whoever he felt deserved it. From the Mccaskey Family who owned the Bears for being cheap, to Jerry Reinsdorf for being a cheap Jew and not wanting to spend a penny on either the Bulls or White Sox. But Jerry Reinsdorf and the White Sox finally got the last laugh back in 2005 when they captured the World Series Championship. Jay was fond of Bears Quarterbacks for being notoriously bad but would really write about as often as possible just to see whose skin he could get under that week.

Often Jay would reiterate that he was doing his job and if controversy was what he was good at brewing then he must have been truly doing the job right. From broadcasters like Ken "The Hawk" Harrelson and Darin Jackson they also were glad to hear that the that Jay Mariotti was finally putting a halt to his reign of terror on the City of Chicago. See Hawk even took exception to what Mariotti said about him and the White Sox. So Hawk took it upon himself to come up with a nickname for our friend Jay and started to refer to him as a Heiney Bird.

So to sum up this rant and give a final Good Riddance to Jay, I must say once a Heiney Bird always a Heiney Bird. Even though you did not get fired and lord knows you should have. You knew that you wore out your welcome in Chicago and were not wanted here anymore. So I will not wish you good luck but only fore-worn the next publication to think twice about hiring You.

Until we hear from you again or read something written by you I just thought I would wish to you again Jay Mariotti Good Riddance and that you will surely will not be missed!