Titans' Randy Moss, Vikings' Brett Favre Head NFL's First Gobble, Gobble Awards

Uden FranklinContributor INovember 24, 2010

Titans' Randy Moss, Vikings' Brett Favre Head NFL's First Gobble, Gobble Awards

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    Gobble, Gobble!  It's Thanksgiving week which means it's time for the 1st Annual Gobble, Gobble Awards (GGA).  The GGA's are given to the NFL's biggest Turkeys and we all know there are plenty this year.  The GGA's are not just given to players, but anyone associated with the NFL qualifies. 

Gary Kubiac

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    A great offensive minded coach with a talented team.  Each year experts predict Houston will be a force and each year fans are disappointed.  Why?  DEFENSE!  The Texans are exciting to watch on Offense - they even have a potential 1,500 yard running back.  Unfortunately, it's the Defense that gives games away.  Even a mediocre defensive coach could get the Texans to the playoffs, but having a good defense coach could get them to the Super Bowl.

    With that said, why haven't the Texans pursued Wade Phillips, one of the top 3 defensive coaches in the league who was recently fired by the Cowboys?  Everyone knows Phillips is a terrible head coach, but he is very successful as a defensive coach and with Kubiac's offense and a Phillips defensive scheme, the Texans could do a lot of damage in the playoffs. Bonus---Phillips wouldn't have to change his state residency.

Jerry Jones

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    My dog knew that Wade Phillips was too soft to be a head coach long before Jones promoted him.  Jones waited to long to fire Phillips, but more importantly, he missed out on having Phillips, one of the best D-Coordinators in the league, give his full attention to the Dallas Defense. 

Mike Shanahan

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    Shanahan is a good coach who has brought discipline to the Redskins.  So why does he get a GGA?  Because he hired his barely 30 year old son as offensive coordinator.  Not to say baby Shanahan doesn't have a future, but Redskins fans, proven to be some of the most loyal in the nation, deserved the best qualified  offensive coordinator in the business.  Washington DC is the World's Center of Democracy, not North Korea where nepotism is the way. Unfortunately, Shanahan never went through the process of interviewing for that position and now the Redskins struggle to score more than 16 points a game with a QB who has traditionally put up a lot of points. 

JaMarcus Russell

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    A great running game, fast receivers, a solid tight end and an improving defense.  Oh, and playing in a terrible division.  What on earth happened to Russell?  Even if poor coaching is to blame, Russell should've still be able to use his raw athleticism to make a difference. 

Chris Simms

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    Pulled over by police who claimed Simms was smoking pot with his pregnant wife in the passenger seat.  Simms admitted he was smoking pot, but later claimed he was smoking the legal stuff.  So let's pretend that it is true.  OK, smoking in a car with your pregnant wife is not a crime, but the fog from the second hand smoke could do some major damage to the health of his pregnant wife.  Keep smoking the funny stuff and you will sound like a turkey Simms.

Roger Goodell

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    There was a time when NFL commissioners protected the tradition and integrity of the game without over commercializing it and selling out to the highest bidders.  Today, it will cost you $$$ to listen to an NFL game over the internet and many die hard NFL fans are not able to see their team play during prime time games because they can't afford cable television.  As if the NFL doesn't make enough money, the Comish is also proposing more games and more travel while laying off NFL workers and blaming it on the economy.  This has David Stern (NBA Comish) written all over it.  There is a reason why college basketball is more popular than pro basketball and Stern is to blame.  Goodell is following in his tracks.  All college football needs is a playoff system and it could possibly be more popular than pro football thanks to Goodell's greed.

Pete Carrol

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    Carrol knew he was in trouble with the pending investigations into his program at USC, so the man who brags about teaching boys how to be men runs away to the NFL. 

Zygi Wilf

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    Wilf knew the Viking players didn't respect Chilly Childress, so he gives Childress a raise and extension. He also knew that he had a great teacher and coach in Defensive Coordinator Frazier.  Still, he kept Chilly around long enough to ruin the Vikings season.  The result may mean the Vikings leave Minnesota. 


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    Inappropriate text messages, fathers not remembering their children's names, harassing foreign journalists.  The Goodell needs to fine the Jets Organization for poor conduct.  $5 million to women's shelters or better yet, a campaign to teach young men how to be gentlemen---with Jet players and front office attending first.

Ken Wisenhunt

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    The Green Bay Packers of the 1950's and 1960's had all kinds of playboys and late night drinkers.  Vince Lombardi still got the best out of them.  Lombardi's legacy was not his play calling or strategy, it was that he knew how to get the best out of each individual player. 

    Wisenhunt was handed a talented Arizona team and counted on a poised and mature veteran, Kurt Warner, to lead them to the Super Bowl without a lot of teaching.  But he couldn't teach Matt Leinhart how to respect the game so he released him before Leinhart played a single game this regular season.  It is obvious that Leinhart would've been a better option than the current Cardinal Quarterbacks and with a full season to grow, he would've improved and potentially have more respect for the game. 

    With Leinhart, the Cardinals probably would've easily won the terrible NFC Western Division.  More importantly, the fans are at risk of losing the NFL's best Wide Receiver, Larry Fitzgerald because nobody can throw him the ball.

    Wisenhunt's should have taken a page from his former boss, Mike Tomlin, who knows how to deal with playboys (Rothlesberger).


Albert Haynesworth

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    Millions of dollars in the bank.  So much money, he doesn't bother to cash his pay check.  No respect for two Redskin coaches equals no respect for himself. Haynesworth needs to work on getting his life on track, not playing football.

Randy Moss

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    We all know about Randy.  Say what you want about him (takes plays off, criticizes the catering) and it is most likely true. No doubt he is worthy of the GGA award. 

    But, in defense of Moss, the downfall of his season may have been brought on by something out of his control, and something he understood he had difficulty controlling.

    Quick, name one career that requires you to talk to the media and answer any question they throw at you after a hard and emotionally intense day of work? 

    Hollywood Millionaires, Politicians, Presidents, Generals, Teachers, etc...can avoid the media.  Can you imagine having to talk to the media after you had a bad day at work?

    Randy was flying under the radar and playing the good NFL citizen until they fined him for not talking to reporters.  So, he talks to reporters and earns a ticket out of New England.  We all can say that for the kind of money NFL players make, we could control our thoughts during an interview, but the reality is that most of us can't control our thoughts and word choice when the coach of our favorite team makes a boneheaded call.  Football is emotionally charged. 

Brett Favre

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    Favre entered the ego maniac world, one that more closely resembles Hollywood young actresses than NFL players, a long time ago.  I was convinced of this when he threw 6 interceptions against the Rams in the 2002 Division Playoffs and then said he wouldn't change a thing.  Good bye team---it was all about Favre. 

    The people of the greater Green Bay/Fox Valley region of Wisconsin knew that Favre, Chmura, and Franky Winters were pretty wild when Favre was still drinking and bar hopping during his early days. In the past three years Chmura has dropped subtle hints to fans that Favre is not the loyal dedicated husband we all think he is----so we shouldn't be shocked that he sent those text messages to a women who looks like a young version of his wife.

    I would like to say that it is a sad end to a great career for Favre, but we all know statistics don't mean much in the NFL, winning means everything and Favre has only 1 ring to show for 20 years of playing.  He was exciting, but by no means a Champion. Favre can still throw rockets, and when he is on, he is good. Favre is also an iron man, but the Pack may have won a few more games if Favre would've taken a rest.  In a world and country where jokers play the roll of leaders in our corporations, congress, and communities, Favre is the perfect reflection of society, and the perfect reason why we shouldn't idolize pro athletes. 

    We all can say Favre should've stayed retired this year, but how many of us would be willing to turn down $20 million to play 20 weeks of football? 

    The bottom line is that the NFL is a business and guys like Favre, help generate $$$.  Fortunately, the majority of players in the NFL play hard and give everything they have for the team.