Redskins-Jags second quarter

Rich TandlerSenior Analyst IAugust 28, 2008

Note: --The CoveritLive software isn't working. Actually, there isn't enough bandwidth for it to work here at FedEx. I'm going to have to do this the old-fashioned way and update quarter by quarter or more frequently as events dictate. I'll try to get this worked out for next week but, hey, it's the preseason for all of us.

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--A missed tackle on a third and long screen lets the Jaguars convert another such situation and they're on the march near the Redskins 20. I think it was Golston but I'm not sure.

--It is mostly second-teamers out there, but Montgomery and Golston, both of whom could start, just got split on a draw to convert a third and three.

Estandia 4 pass from Lemon (Scobee kick)
Jaguars 14, Redskins 0
11:19 second quarter

--Colt Brennan in at quarterback, along with a number of other offensive reserves. The starters will go into NY with a couple of miserable performances to think about.

--Marcus Mason, Maurice Mann and Brennan are firing up what was a very dull crowd. Two first downs and the Redskins are in Jax territory at the 28.

FG Suisham 46
Jaguars 14, Redskins 3
6:30 second quarter

--Ryan Boschetti did an excellent job of recognizing a screen. He did exactly what he was supposed to do, stop rushing the passer and to over to find the receiver.

--Chris Horton missed a tackle that let Washington get off a 29-yard run and Blades missed a tackle that let a runner go for some additional yardage as well. I can see the reserves being in the wrong spot or maybe not being quick enough to make a play, but when they are there, they need to make the tackle.

FG Scobee 30
Jaguars 17, Redskins 3
1:07 second quarter

--Well, it hasn't exactly been the offensive train wreck we saw last week, but it's certainly been ugly.

--A nice pass from Brennan to Marcus Mason picks up 16 yards. They're at their own 43, but only 12 seconds remain in the half.

--Unless I missed him, we haven't seen any of Malcolm Kelly. I thought he was supposed to get some solid playing time, maybe his knees weren't ready to go.

--Brennan sacked at the end of the first half by a blitzing Pierson Prioleau.

End of second quarter
Jaguars 17, Redskins 3