Buccaneers vs. 49ers: San Francisco Blown Out by Tampa Bay at Home

co f.Contributor INovember 21, 2010

The 49ers real problem
The 49ers real problemJulian Finney/Getty Images

It's not just quarterback play that is killing the 49ers' season. With the offensive play-calling today, it didn't matter who was playing quarterback. The 49ers were destined to lose.

All of us who call ourselves 49er faithful should have seen this coming with coach Singletary's comments regarding Troy Smith's style of play. It's too risky for his taste. I'm sure offensive coordinator Mike Johnson would have liked to open it up more. But we have all grown accustomed to the three runs up the middle followed by a punt. How original.

Not one shot downfield of any consequence. The receivers and tight ends were virtually nonexistent today. We sure did get to see a lot Frank Gore, though—along with a heavy dose of eight men in the box from Tampa Bay.

As the game wore on and the 49ers just kept handing the ball off to Gore you could see the receivers quitting on their routes. Why would anyone keep running when the ball is just going to be given to Gore again?

The offensive line as a unit struggled again, not only in pass protection but also in run blocking. Let’s not forget about the five sacks allowed by the offensive line.

Plus the penalty monster reared its ugly head again. Whatever happened to that disciplined play coach Singletary talked about?

All season long we have witnessed the lack of production from the 49ers receiving corps. It's not from lack of talent at the position—more like the cave-man offensive philosophy of the head coach.

It's hard to keep the faith when week in and week out the ineptitude of the coaching, poor game-planning and undisciplined play continue to plague the team.

Personally, I would love it if the season ended today, so I could stop torturing myself every week with hopes of the Niners winning.

Already I can't wait for next season to see who the next head coach is. Jed York, if you’re listening, open up your wallet and hire this once-proud team a real head coach.