Washington Redskins Uniforms through the Years

Brandon KeenerCorrespondent INovember 22, 2010

Washington Redskins Uniforms through the Years

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    Franchises occasionally decide to change their uniforms, logos and sometimes their mascots to make their team look better, seem more fierce and for reasons unknown except to sell more jerseys.

    There has been talk for a little while now for the Washington Redskins to do just that.

    Photos have been released by the Washington Post about the new uniforms and one of the finalists for the change.

    This slide show will look at the Washington Redskins uniforms over the years, since they came to the Nation's Capital in 1937.

1937-1951: The Beginning of the Slingin' Sammy Baugh Era

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    George Preston Marshall moved the Redskins to Washington D.C. in 1937.

    That same year the Redskins got the rights to bring Sammy Baugh to the club, and the franchise, along with the NFL, would never be the same.

1952-1959: Eddie LeBaron Is Taking Over for the Famous Sammy Baugh

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    Enter the era of Eddie LeBaron and the post-Sammy Baugh Redskins.

    With Baugh on the way out, Washington decided that changing the logo and altering the uniforms with a different type of lettering and changed pants would help the Redskins still appear to be a formidable foe.

1960-1964: Rough Years for the Redskins Lead to Uniform Changes

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    As one of the 70 Greatest Redskins, the 1960 Washington Redskins (1-9-2) and Dick James looked to change their jerseys and hopefully change their luck in the years ahead.

1965-1969: The Sam Huff Era

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    When All-Pro linebacker Sam Huff came to Washington in 1964, the Redskins were going through some terrible times.

    A jersey change awaited, and the famous "Spear Helmet" was created. This uniform is still used as a throwback jersey by the Redskins today.

1970-1971: Sonny Jurgenson's Reign Is Coming to an End

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    The biggest change for these two seasons were the addition of the yellow jersey with white pants and the now famous helmet.

    Because they were only used for two seasons, helmets like this one worn by Sonny Jurgenson are hot collector items.

1972-1981: Billy Kilmer and Sonny Jurgenson Battle for First String

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    The helmets of these jerseys are similar to the ones still used today.

    In fact, these types of jerseys were worn during the Redskins game against the Tennessee Titans on November 21, 2010.

    Many of the older Redskins fans can remember the days when the great George Allen was coaching the Redskins to a Super Bowl berth against the undefeated Miami Dolphins and how two of the best quarterbacks in franchise history were battling it out for who would lead the team to victory.

1982: One-Timer Just To Test Things Out

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    For a split second in 1982, the Washington Redskins entertained the idea of having the helmets look like this one. The main difference between the previous version and the helmet still used today is the curved feathers around the circle.

    Another difference between a team that wore this helmet versus the team of today is the team of 1982 had Joe Theismann. I am sure there are many Redskins fans that wish to have him back now.

1983-Present: The Current

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    This uniform has been worn by great players such as John Riggins, Art Monk, Darrell Green, Mark Rypien, most of "the Hogs" and our Skins today.

    But is a change on the horizon?

The Future?

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    This set of jerseys is currently being reviewed to see if the Redskins will be changing their standard burgundy and gold out for what you see in the photo.

    There has also been some question about the Skins changing the overall design of the helmet into more of a blackout style helmet.

    This is only one possible design.

Back to the Future?

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    The Redskins may change the jerseys to the ones on the slide prior to this one but may also make changes to the helmets as well to reflect what you see here.

End of the Line

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    Rarely has a revamp of an old classic into something new and fresh gone well or without backlash.

    Flat out these look sweet.

    That may be unprofessional, but if you want a first impression, this is more of a "I must own that" kind of uniform than previously.

    Will the Redskins give in and get away from their old burgundy and gold?

    Will the next generation of Redskins fans start watching them on Sundays in a uniform like this?

    What do you think?