Houston Texans: How Can Matt Schaub and Co. Make the Playoffs?

Denise CharlesContributor IIINovember 18, 2010

Houston Texans: How Can Matt Schaub and Co. Make the Playoffs?

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    After a shockingly impressive start, the Houston Texans have fallen into a slump, arising the question: Are they too far down to get back up?  

    They, along with the Houston Astros and Houston Rockets, have all contributed to the city’s title as “Choke City”.  

    Can the Texans do some damage on the field so that the city can see some glory days?

    Here is what they MUST do to finish as strong as they started.

Matt Schaub's Health

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    Earlier this week, Matt Schaub was hospitalized for a bursa sac injury in his right knee.  

    The injury did not require surgery, however this is a glitch in the leader’s strength, and could open doors for opposing defenses.

    Matt Schaub not only needs to stay healthy and on the field, but he needs protection from his team, so he can focus on getting the ball where it needs to go.

Andre Johnson...

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    Andre Johnson is arguably one of the best receivers in the NFL right now.  

    The Texans need to make sure the ball and his hands connect.  

    However, it’s hard to do that when Johnson has an invisible target on his back. 

Who IS Kevin Walter?

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    That would be the other wide receiver for the Texans.  

    He is not in the limelight that much in Houston...but with all due respect, he has four touchdowns, as does Andre Johnson.  

    Walter has half the yards as Johnson, but he knows where to take the ball and get the job done.

    Schaub needs to utilize confidence in all his teammates, so opponents won't expect the unexpected.

Arian Foster...If You Didn't Know, Now You Know!

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    The big talk is always about Andre Johnson, but Arian Foster can gain just as many yards and give Johnson some relief on the offensive side of things.  

    With a total of 920 yards and 10 touchdowns, it’s evident that he can help the team in adding points to the board.


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    Yes, the obvious is always the hardest problem to fix.  

    The defensive line has to do their job.  

    With some of the best men on the offense, the defense needs to be able to keep their opponents from moving the ball down the field. 

Losing Streak...Is That Even Possible?

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    It is possible.

    We can use the Dallas Cowboys as a prime example...Even they got out of their funk last weekend with a victory.  

    The Texans have lost three games in a row, and although they have taken much criticism for it, the end is never near.  

    As long as they look forward to the next game and forget their previous losses, their confidence won’t hinder and they can manage the wins, like before. 

Houston Texans Need Focus, Confidence and Drive

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    If the Miami Dolphins can go through all their quarterbacks and still manage to pull out a victory...If the Dallas Cowboys can bounce back after five consecutive losses...Why can’t the Houston Texans still have a chance at the playoffs?  

    The Texans have the talent, they just need the focus, confidence and drive to keep the motivation.

    Can the Texans pull it off or will it be another upset for Houston?

    Can Houston’s teams shed the title as “Choke City” for the city’s sake and the deserving talent on the teams?

    One can only hope.