Memo To Adam Jones: Welcome back Pacman

John FalcettaSenior Analyst IAugust 28, 2008

Adam Jones is officially re-instated to the NFL. While I believe in giving everyone a second and even third chance , I have to wonder, How long until he screws up again?

The mere fact that Pacman has stayed down this long is reason for some people to give him credit already. Why? Why give credit to a guy for simply doing the right thing for the first time?

In all honesty I have no interest in seeing Pacman go down again and hope he stays out of strip clubs and fist fights. I just have to be honest in saying that this guy may not be worth the trouble.

I would love nothing more than to see the Dallas Cowboys pull another playoff flame out they have become known for this year. I do not, However, want to see it come at Pacman's expense. I do not want him to be the Dallas media and fans new Jessica Simpson. Someone to take the ridiculous blame for an overrated team that choked.

Dallas is a much bigger city than Pacman has ever lived in before. There is a lot more to do and alot more knuckleheads looking to take you down with them. Every time Pacman goes out he may be a target for some one to try to make a name for them self.

He is in a tough spot. To expect a young man to stay home every night is kind of unfair, but in his case it may be the only thing that saves his career. Can he do it? Can he live in a city like Dallas where the Cowboys get away with so much so often and stay down?

Only time will tell what will be the result for Pacman Jones in Dallas. He is going to have to stay way from the strip clubs and "friends" that have gotten him into trouble before. He will have club owners trying to get him to show up to get free publicity and more hangers on looking for a free ride than a rail car.

He has to resist the 1 a.m. boredom that leads one to the wrong places at the wrong times.The Ball is in his hands now. He has just enough space to blow it again or to make an actual career for himself. No one can do it for him the choices are all his now and his alone.