Philadelphia Eagles vs. Washington Redskins: Vick's Great, but Others Stepped Up

Darren GrossmanCorrespondent INovember 16, 2010

While Vick was great, Reid and Mornhinweg had a great gamplan
While Vick was great, Reid and Mornhinweg had a great gamplanGregory Shamus/Getty Images

Weeks ago, I heard someone say that Andy Reid had a Michael Vick problem.  Vick was just too good to sit down and Reid was becoming more and more enamored with his much-maligned quarterback.

After a dominating performance by Vick and the Eagles 59-28 victory, one thing is clear: Michael Vick is playing better than any QB in the NFL.

However, I know we will read numerous articles about Vick and his MVP credentials, so I wanted to focus on some of the other things from the game Monday that stood out to me—other players who stepped up and helped the Eagles pull off an amazing victory.

The first person who deserved recognition is Andy Reid.  Reid had his team ready to play and beat a very good coach who was 10-4 coming off a bye.  The Eagles were aggressive from the first play and the outcome of this game was never in doubt.

Then there is Marty Mornhinweg.  I don't think he has ever called a better game.  From the first play, the Eagles came out and set the tempo with a huge touchdown pass to DeSean Jackson.  Mornhinweg got Vick outside the pocket and really did an excellent job.

Perhaps the best play-call of the game was the shuffle pass to McCoy.  What a great play-call, after getting off to a quick start, and then having Vick run for a touchdown, the Eagles drew the defense in and executed a perfect shuffle pass. 

The Eagles offensive game plan was brilliant all day and you have to give Reid and Mornhinweg credit.  They did a great job.

How bout Jerome Harrison?  In one play Harrison did more than Mike Bell did in the entire season.  Harrison rushed for over 100 yards and a touchdown on just 11 carries.  He gave the Eagles a legitimate one-two punch with LeSean McCoy.

The Eagles wide receivers had a great game.  I know Jackson only had two catches but he made a great catch in stride on the first play.  Jeremy Maclin made a fantastic catch and a great job staying in bounds on a long touchdown.  Even Jason Avant had a touchdown and was very effective.

The defense was not great, but considering all the points they were good enough.  They were great in the first quarter but they seemed to lose some focus after that.  With a big lead, the team seemed to get distracted as they did not even see Fred Davis get wide open.  Patterson got burned on a long pass to Armstrong and the 'Skins got within 21 points. 

While it was a dominating victory, it was disappointing that the defense appeared to lose some focus.  You never want to let a team get momentum, but this is a day not to look at bad things, so I don't really want to elaborate any further on that.

The victory was great but it is important for the Eagles to keep it in perspective.  It was a win to get them to 6-3 but there is still a lot of work to be done.

The Eagles play the Giants at the Linc next week and if the Eagles lose, they are in second place.  So we should enjoy this victory, but keep in mind there is a lot of football left to play.

The goal was not a Week 10 victory against the 'Skins, the goal is to be in Dallas in February.   For that goal, we have a long way to go.