Donovan McNabb: Time for Donovan To Get the Respect He Deserves

Rachel MarcusCorrespondent INovember 16, 2010

LANDOVER, MD - NOVEMBER 15:  Donovan McNabb #5 of the Washington Redskins waits for play to resume in the fourth quarter against the Philadelphia Eagles on November 15, 2010 at FedExField in Landover, Maryland.  (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)
Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Just curious why everybody (or almost everybody) hates on Donovan McNabb. Is he easy to attack? Is it because he's a good football player? Does that make it easier to point out his flaws, than say, his backup, Rex Grossman?

I've never understood why McNabb gets benched, vilified, and disrespected. Ever since he was drafted, he's been under-appreciated. I hope Eagles fans, in the midst of their Michael Vick mania, realize how lucky they were to have McNabb on their team.

A reliable, talented quarterback on your team for 10 years? Yeah, I'm pretty sure most teams wouldn't take that for granted. But the Eagles did. They miss him now. Not on the field, but overall.

Sure, McNabb makes mistakes. But who doesn't? McNabb's a class act both on the field and off of it. It's time for people to stop talking about his off the field issues.

He's beginning to get up there in age, but he didn't get his most recent deal (which of course brought out the haters) for sitting on the sideline. McNabb's been a proven leader ever since he led the Syracuse Orangemen a decade ago.

Even though the Eagles just whipped McNabb's Redskins, the team is still on a better path than last year's team. Trust me. The Redskins gladly grabbed McNabb over the incumbent Jason Campbell.

It seems like fans across the NFL are always so quick to jump on or off the bandwagon. A player makes a great play? They're on it. A week later and a bad game happens? Well that player is awful. 

Unfortunately that happens all too often with McNabb. He has bad games and is thrown to the curb. And when he has good games, he's simply accepted. I guess that's the way it goes with big-time stars. You take the hits.

And even though McNabb didn't always feel the love in The City of Brotherly Love, deep down, Eagles fans know he did a lot for their team. And Redskins fans should realize that McNabb is good enough to lead the team out of a rough patch.

Because the team's issues don't start with him.