Donovan McNabb Extension and the 10 Worst Contracts in the NFL

Brandon KeenerCorrespondent INovember 15, 2010

Donovan McNabb Extension and the 10 Worst Contracts in the NFL

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    According to Jason La Canfora of, Donovan McNabb has signed a five-year extension with the Washington Redskins that could be incentive based up to $88 million.

    This slideshow looks at the top 10 worst contracts currently in the NFL.

    Current-and-past performance will be used in the judging of the players on this list, as will their production since signing their heavy contracts.

No.10: Jay Cutler

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    DeAngelo Hall intercepted him four times by himself.

    The rest of the time he played well this season. But last year, his first with Chicago, he threw 27 touchdowns and 26 interceptions.

    Does that warrant a five-year, $49.77-million contract?

    The good news for Chicago fans is that Cutler is only 27 years old and there is plenty of room for improvement. There is also time to put a few more linemen in front of him.

No. 9: Jake Delhomme

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    The 35-year-old former Carolina standout has worn out his welcome in Cleveland already.

    Colt McCoy has taken over and it appears that Delhomme's two-year, $12.4 million contract is a reasonable fee for mentoring the rookie into NFL shape.

    Seeing how Mike Holmgren will handle the quarterback situation—being the quarterback guru that he is—at the end of the season will be interesting.

No. 8: Bernard Berrian

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    Bernard Berrian is one of the highest-paid NFL wide receivers to never have a 1,000-yard season.

    Berrian traded cities within the division when he went from Chicago to Minnesota and signed a six-year, $43.4-million contract.

    Since joining the Vikings, Berrian has caught 121 passes to date, but he only has 18 in the first half of the 2010 season.

No.7: Donovan McNabb

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    Cracking the list now is the man of the hour.

    With breaking news of his five-year extension worth $40 million guaranteed, Donovan McNabb has earned his place on the list.

    The 33-year-old former first-round pick out of Syracuse had a great career in Philadelphia, where he led the Eagles to numerous playoff appearances and represented the NFC in the Super Bowl.

    Since coming to Washington, McNabb has shown inconsistency with a shaky offensive line. He has not been as mobile as he was in Philadelphia, due to hamstring issues and a bad ankle.

    His accuracy has also been suffering. Not really known for being an overly-accurate passer, McNabb was sitting at 57.4 percent before the start of Monday Night Football against his old team.

No. 6: Brett Favre

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    Two Vikings on the same list?

    Unfortunately, yes.

    Brett Favre, the grandpa of the NFL, is still playing and still suckering teams into thinking he is worth big money without attending training camp.

    This year it cost $16 million for his services.

No. 5: Jake Grove

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    A steady run blocker during his time in Oakland, Grove signed a five-year, $29.5-million contract with the Dolphins prior to this season.

    That's not bad considering he's an experienced, starting center. But he had a history of injuries and those injuries cost him in the long run.

    Or did it?

    Grove was released by the Dolphins before the season began and he collected all of his guaranteed money.

    So his new contract for this year?

    One lump sum of $14 million to sit at home on Sunday and watch the game.

No. 4: Roy E. Williams

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    Where oh where did his little talent go? Oh where, oh where could it be?

    Roy Williams was a standout player with the Detroit Lions who, at the time, began taking the best wide receivers available in the draft no matter what.

    Eventually, Calvin Johnson was drafted and the Lions realized they no longer needed the services of Williams. So they traded him to Dallas.

    During his tenure in Dallas, Williams has put up the following stats to date:

    Catches: 82

    Yards: 1,160

    Touchdowns: 13

    That sounds like a good Pro Bowl season...except those are his stats since he came to Dallas in the middle of 2008.

    So far, 2010 has seen him pick up the pace. But the emergence of rookie Dez Bryant has Williams resigned to the slot roll and he understands it.

No. 3: Tommie Harris

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    He was once one of the league's most feared defensive linemen. Punishing quarterbacks was Harris' specialty and he was rewarded with a trip to the Pro Bowl.

    Now Harris has been benched.

    During the 2010 season, Harris has been forgotten about by most except for the Bears' front office, which has to pay his checks.

    The four-year, $40 million contract he signed in 2008 is really stinging the pockets of the Chicago front office.

    It really stings when you look at Harris' stats for this year: six tackles, 0.5 sacks.


No. 2: Charlie Whitehurst

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    Two years, $8 million.

    Doesn't sound like too bad of a contract for a quarterback, so what makes him such a bad signing for the Seattle Seahawks?

    According to NFL Network's Albert Breer, the Seahawks' organization "does not believe" that Charlie Whitehurst is the answer as a long-term quarterback.

    So he has gone from the quarterback of the future to someone who can fill out the depth chart long enough for the team to skate through the season.

    Reports say that the Seahawks are looking forward to Kevin Kolb of Philadelphia possibly becoming a free agent. The Seahawks will be a big player for a new quarterback during the 2011 free-agent market.

No. 1: Albert Haynesworth

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    The Washington Redskins' seven-year, $100-million man tops the list of worst contracts still active in 2010.

    Haynesworth has shown improvement under Shanahan's rule since the training camp fiasco. And the unfortunate death of his brother is understandable for missing a game.

    Still, Haynesworth only has 13 tackles and two sacks while playing in five games and starting none.

    According to, Haynesworth is set to be paid $24.6 million this season alone.

    He has one of the richest contracts in the NFL. He has never played an entire season except his rookie year, and he only started three games that season.

    When he did play for Tennessee, he was a very productive player and was Pro Bowl worthy almost every season.

    Since coming to Washington before 2008, Haynesworth has a total of 50 tackles and six sacks. He has only played in 17 games and started only 12.