Chad Henne and Chad Penningon Injured: What Are Miami Dolphins' Other Options?

Brian DiTullioSenior Writer INovember 15, 2010

Chad Henne and Chad Penningon Injured: What Are Miami Dolphins' Other Options?

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    The Miami Dolphins suffered a huge blow yesterday when both Chad Pennington and Chad Henne suffered injuries. Pennington is out for the year, and it is a distinct possibility that the same can be said for Henne.

    Now the Dolphins will be starting Tyler Thigpen in a quick turnaround for a Thursday night game versus the Chicago Bears at home.

    With running back Ronnie Browns as the only other guy listed on the roster for quarterback duties, the Dolphins are in a bind and will have to sign someone very soon.

    There are more than a few names swirling out there, and here are 10 options for the Dolphins to consider.

10. Sean Canfield

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    Sean Canfield currently resides on the New Orleans Saints practice squad, so he is available to be added to any active roster with no penalty to the Dolphins.

    Canfield, out of Oregon State, was a seventh-round pick for the Saints where he competed for a backup spot this summer before ending up on the practice squad.

9. Graham Harrell

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    Graham Harrell spent most of the spring with the Cleveland Browns before being waived and signed to the Green Bay Packers for training camp. He now sits on their practice squad.

    Harrell was an attractive prospect coming out of Texas Tech in 2009, and he was the quarterback who helped get Michael Crabtree into the first round of the draft.

8. Brian St. Pierre

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    Brian St. Pierre had two stints with the Pittsburgh Steelers and was on the Cardinals roster for the 2008 season.

    He currently is on the Carolina Panthers practice squad, and the carousel of quarterbacks there could make his promotion to the active roster a possibility.

    Until that happens, though, he remains a possibility for the Dolphins.

7. Patrick Ramsey

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    Patrick Ramsey has bounced all over the league, most recently playing in the preseason for the New Orleans Saints before being cut.

    He tried out for the Jacksonville Jaguars when they had all their quarterback problems last month, but he was released Oct. 29.

6. Pat White

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    Pat White was drafted in 2009 to be a backup quarterback for the Dolphins. He was waived at the end of training camp this year and now has signed a baseball contract with the Kansas City Royals.

    Two sport athletes aren't completely unheard of at the pro level, and White wouldn't be required to do anything with the Royals until after the season has ended.

5. Daunte Culpepper

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    Last seen in the NFL with the Detroit Lions last year, Daunte Culpepper now plays in the UFL.

    The Dolphins reportedly have expressed an interest in Culpepper, but there are contract issues that would have to be worked out to bring Culpepper back into the NFL. Still, if the Dolphins want him bad enough, money has a way of making things happen.

4. Damon Huard

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    Damon Huard had stints with the Dolphins, Chiefs and 49ers, but hasn't taken a snap since the 2008 season.

    He started a handful of games for the Chiefs, and backed up Tyler Thigpen before.

    He's currently a free agent and available.

3. Chris Simms

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    Simms has shown flashes of great play in the NFL, notably with the Tamp Bay Buccaneers, but he has been inconsistent and has played with the Broncos and Titans. The Titans cut him at the end of training camp this year.

2. JaMarcus Russell

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    Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

    Then there's JaMarcus Russell.

    Russell is mostly known now for going from the No. 1 overall draft pick in 2007 to being cut by the Raiders this past spring.

    Russell's professional career was marked by poor play, an expanding waistline and a reputation for being lazy and inattentive.

    Russell worked out for the Redskins a few weeks ago, so it's possible the Dolphins, in desperation, may decide to see what Russell looks like now.

1. Jeff Garcia

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    Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

    Jeff Garcia's career speaks for itself, but he's 40 years old now and playing in the UFL.

    Like Culpepper, though, where there's a will, there's a way. If the Dolphins decide his experience will help get the team to the playoffs, Garcia will be back in the NFL.