Brett Favre To Fans: Stay at Home For The Rest of The 2010 NFL Season

adam dysonContributor INovember 15, 2010

Favre walks off the field after after his 4th turnover.
Favre walks off the field after after his 4th turnover.Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Not with his words, of course, but with his actions Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings offense told the fan base of the Vikings to stay at home for the rest of the 2010 NFL Season.

The Vikings got the ball after an excellent punt by Chicago's Brad Maynard on their own 1-yard line. They have 5:06 left, 0 challenges, two timeouts I believe. The recipe for comebacks is a fairly simplified game-plan for most every team; if you go short, go to the sidelines.  Stop the clock.  If you don't get out of bounds, you either clock the ball, or sprint back to your position and run a "generic" play, that every person has practiced 1,000 times over, and typically involves more out routes to the sidelines.

Those of you that can break the game down need to watch the way the Vikings ran their offense on this series. It seemed like the entire drive consisted of 8-yard dump passes...over the middle.  When the Vikings didn't get out of bounds, the unit jogged bad to the line, never clocked it, never called a time-out.  

In short, the Vikings spent 2:27 going 54 yards...placing them on the Bears 45 yard line.  Which, in the first three quarters is fine...but down two possessions, late in the 4th quarter, with the season on the line...that type of play-calling and lack of hustle sends one message: we quit.

Now, do not discredit the Bears defense on this drive.  Just as the game plan on offense is to go deep or go out, the game plan on defense is keep them short and in the middle.  The Bears did an excellent job at keeping the Vikings where they had to keep them.  The drive actually ended on the only pass Favre threw deep, when Chris Harris picked off the pass over the middle after Vikings Tight End Shiancoe fell down.  

As happy as I am with the Bears complete win over an inner-division rival, I'm thoroughly disgusted with the play of the Vikings and their over-the-hill, hall-of-fame quarterback. I get you hate the coach, but to perform the way you did signals to your fans that you would rather get a new coach than fight and claw to get into the playoffs.

Way to go Favre.  Way to stay classy.