Cincinnati Bengals Need To Divorce Two Best Players

Eric BallFeatured ColumnistNovember 13, 2010

ATLANTA - OCTOBER 24:  Chad Ochocinco #85 of the Cincinnati Bengals against the Atlanta Falcons at Georgia Dome on October 24, 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The 2010 version of the Cincinnati Bengals are a disaster.

Aspirations of winning a Super Bowl were real.

A playoff team in '09 plus Terrell Owens, Jordan Shipley and Jermaine Gresham? Oh yeah

But instead it's been oh no.

The two best players of the last decade have worn out their welcome in Da Nati'.

Carson Palmer is sliding down the washed up slope. Chad Ochocinco has lost it both mentally and physically. 

The single biggest issue moving forward is what to do with the quarterback position. Palmer's best days are clearly behind him, and the front office needs to realize that drafting/trading for a QB is a must in the offseason. Palmer has seemingly lost a step both physically and mentally.

Palmer has made some of the worst throws of his career over the last eight games. Forcing the ball into double coverage, overthrowing receivers and not feeling the pass rush are all a common occurrence for Palmer in 2010.

Maybe he should have had the "Tommy John" surgery in '08. Maybe the fact that he's had two severe injuries has altered his play. But it's the poor mental decisions that are most puzzling.

Is he not putting in the work during the week that he used to? Doubtful

Is he finally starting to break down mentally after dealing with one diva for his entire career, and now, he has to deal with another? Possibly

Has Head Coach Marvin Lewis already checked out mentally with the growing belief that he will not be resigned lingers? Sure seems like it.

Whatever the case may be, the Bengals don't have any answers. The problem is, benching one Palmer for another is not the solution for anything unless it's creating a iphone app.

If Carson is run out of town, then his brother Jordan will be right behind him.

One of the highest paid players in the league is no longer the answer in Bengaldom. He is now the problem. Cutting Palmer will open up a huge amount of money, and the Bengals can hopefully find a worthy replacement.

Which means the Bengals will potentially need a No. 1 and No. 2 going into next season. Dan Levour could jump to No. 2, but the glaring need is there.

Ochocinco is becoming a parody of himself. It's almost like he over-hyped himself to the point that it's his own fault he's overrated. The way he conducted himself in front of a national audience on Monday Night Football is a joke. Chewing out Palmer is only going to make things worse.

I used to think he was always a team first-guy that the media misunderstood. After this season, I am dead wrong. He can dance with the stars all he wants, but his focus and preparation for the game is severely lacking. He is watching his buddy T.O. put up gaudy numbers while his are not even close to what he normally accumulates.

It's going to be a very difficult decision, but the time to cut Chad is here. He had a great run with the team, but the opportunity to win a Super Bowl has passed.

Next year, the Bengals will officially be in rebuilding mode, and the show rolls on.

Carson and Chad have been household names in Cincinnati since 2003. For the past eight seasons, the duo has given fans hope that one day their team could win a Super Bowl. But the dream has been shattered, and it's time to move on.

So enjoy these last eight games Bengal fans; it could be Palmer's and Ochocinco's last dance in stripes.