Fantasy Football Injury Update: Austin Collie and Others Who Should Play

Pauly Kwestel@pkwestelWFAN Correspondent INovember 10, 2010

Fantasy Football Injury Update: Austin Collie and Others Who Should Play

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    It's never a pleasant situation when you are watching every pregame show Sunday morning waiting for an injury update on a certain player like Austin Collie that never comes. It's even worse when you decide to roll the dice with the player and he either ends up not playing, or playing a very limited role. 

    The worst is when that player doesn't get you any points and the player you would have played instead of him does. Rock bottom is when the difference in points that you left on the bench would have made the difference in you beating the team that was 1-7 instead of falling to them. I have a good chunk of personal experience for that one. 

    Even though it is still only Wednesday it is now time to start closely monitoring those players who are a little banged up. This way you will have an idea of whether they will be playing on Sunday or not, and you will be able to set your lineup accordingly. 

    No more frantically watching every pregame show waiting for a report that doesn't come. Here are six banged up players who could impact your team this week. 

6. Austin Collie

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    Collie was supposed to miss several weeks after having surgery on his hand. But after just one game, Collie was back in practice catching balls with ease. 

    He was still listed as questionable last week against the Eagles, but at game time Collie was active. He had a limited role in the offense, not seeing many passes in his direction. 

    At the end of the first half though, Collie was involved in a vicious collision that left him down on the field. He had to be stretchered off and was later diagnosed with a concussion.

    Though Collie has said he is fine the reality is he is not only still recovering from surgery on his hand, but also from a concussion. Concussions are serious injuries and new NFL policies state that he would have to be evaluated by an independent doctor.  

    Collie suffered a big hit last week, and with the Colts facing the Bengals it is unlikely that he will play. The Colts would rather give Collie time to recover and get him back at 100 percent.

5. Percy Harvin

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    The news keeps getting worse for Percy Harvin. Last week he got into a confrontation with Head Coach Brad Childress over an MRI he felt he didn't need to take. On Wednesday, Harvin suffered another migraine and was forced to miss practice. 

    Harvin has been plagued by migraines his whole career but hasn't been bothered by them this season since training camp. 

    Harvin will stay away until his migraine gets better, and it likely will by Sunday. Despite being banged up Harvin will find himself in the lineup Sunday when the Vikings take on the Bears. 

    Harvin has been enjoying great success this season since the arrival of Randy Moss, and that production did not drop off after Moss was waived. Harvin had nine catches for 126 yards last week. 

    Harvin is becoming one of Brett Favre's favorite targets this season, and he will keep that up this Sunday, despite missing practices for migraines. 

4. Beanie Wells

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    Beanie wells had only one carry last week against the Minnesota Vikings. He was pulled from the game with swelling in his knee. 

    The swelling will not keep Wells out though, as he will be ready to be back this week against Seattle. More then that, Wells will be ready to see his regular load of carries. 

    The swelling in his knee came from an allergic reaction to medication that Wells was taking. Doctors will simply switch the treatment they are giving to Wells to avoid another reaction. 

    Additionally, not playing against the Vikings gave Wells' knee more time to recover from surgery, as he now should be much closer to 100 percent. 

    The Seahawks defensive line has been battered by injuries, presenting favorable conditions for Wells. Wells will be back in the Cardinals lineup and should be back to producing his normal numbers. 

3. Roddy White

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    Roddy White had to leave last week's game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with a knee injury. He has been extremely limited in practice this week with the Falcons. 

    Having said that, White insists that he will play Thursday night when the Falcons take on the Baltimore Ravens. 

    White insists that injury is just a bruise and it will not hamper him against the Ravens. At this point it would be an absolute shock if the Falcons made him inactive, as White is expecting to start and play just as much as usual. 

    White is currently ranked fourth in fantasy points for wide receivers. Even a bruised Roddy White is still more likely a better play then the options you would have on your bench. 

2. Vince Young

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    The Titans quarterback has been nursing an ankle injury but has started practicing once again after the Titans Week 9 bye. 

    The Titans expect Young to be ready for the Dolphins in Week 10 and all signs are pointing at Young starting. 

    Vince Young becomes an intriguing play for this week. The Titans throw the ball less than almost every other team in the league. However, Vince Young has one of the highest passer ratings on deep throws. 

    Lets not forget that deep throws become important as Young has been given a new toy in Randy Moss. Moss' ability to go deep, and Young's ability to throw deep could become a devastating weapon for the Titans. 

    Furthermore the addition of Moss will create a lot of open space for Nate Washington, who already has chemistry with Young. If you don't believe that, just ask Wes Welker and Percy Harvin how much space Moss creates. 

    Vince Young also gets the chance to face the Dolphins defense, who have struggled against the pass at times this season. The addition of Moss should help Young out significantly in the passing game. 

1. Hakeem Nicks

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    New York Giants Head Coach Tom Coughlin said that wide receiver Hakeem Nicks suffered a lateral ankle sprain Sunday at Seattle. Nicks left the game and did not return. 

    Nicks has now said the injury was not as serious as it could have been. He was able to walk it off on the sidelines and he said he would have been good to go back into the game had it not been a blowout. 

    Nicks finished with six catches for 128 yards and a touchdown and now has nine touchdown catches this season. 

    Nicks is quickly becoming the favorite target of Giants quarterback Eli Manning. He is also quickly rising up the list of the top receivers in the NFL, as he becomes a major threat to opposing defenses. 

    Nicks is expected to be back in practice by the end of the week, and should be fine for Sunday's game against Dallas. Nicks will go up against a Dallas secondary that has looked awful in recent weeks. 

    The Cowboys have been a mess recently and have just fired their head coach. The Giants will look to attack them early, and that should equal another big game for Nicks.