Kendra Wilkinson: Husband Hank Baskett Forces Her to Turn Down Playboy Offer

Drake Oz@drakeozbrSenior Writer IINovember 8, 2010

Kendra Wilkinson: Husband Hank Baskett Forces Her to Turn Down Playboy Offer

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    Kendra Wilkinson won't be posing for Playboy again, and we can thank her husband for that.

    The sexy WAG of NFL wide receiver Hank Baskett revealed that she will not do a photo shoot for the magazine because he disagreed with her reasoning for doing it.

    Wilkinson, who rose to fame as a Playboy model, said she wanted to pose for the magazine to prove she's still a hot mom, or a MILF if you will.

    Well, Baskett didn't like that too much, and Wilkinson decided against doing the photo shoot after going through a test run.

    Earlier reports had indicated that she changed her mind because she was unhappy with her weight, but it looks like Baskett simply put his foot down.

    Anyway, what better way to take a look at the relationship between the two than with a slideshow of the sexiest photos of Wilkinson that we can put on this site?

    Check 'em out, and enjoy.

15. A Little Background on the Couple

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    A report in September 2008 by the International Business Times revealed that Wilkinson and Baskett were engaged, but Wilkinson denied the rumors at the time.

    Am I the only who's wondering why of all the news sources out there, that's the one that reported it?

    No? I didn't think so.

14. The Announcement

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    Just a few weeks after the report surfaced, Wilkinson admitted in an interview with Chelsea Handler on Chelsea Lately that she was in fact in a relationship with Baskett.

    The thought of Wilkinson's laugh and Handler's general persona being within the same vicinity of each other is scary.

    I mean, it has to take the levels of annoying to unparalleled heights.

13. The Engagement

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    Shortly after their relationship went public, it was announced that Baskett and Wilkinson were engaged after Baskett popped the question at the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington.

    That Hank sure is a romantic, isn't he?

    Can't say I blame him for wanting to spend the rest of his life with a woman who looks like that.

12. The Wedding

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    In June 2009, Wilkinson and Baskett were married at the Playboy Mansion.

    I'm sure that there might have been a beautiful woman or two at the ceremony.

    This just in, I am correct.

11. A Little Bundle of Joy

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    Just a few weeks prior to the wedding, Wilkinson and Baskett revealed that they were expecting their first child together.

    I know that the wedding was already set long before they found out that she was pregnant, but something still seems a little fishy.

10. Hank Baskett IV

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    On Dec. 11, 2009, Wilkinson gave birth to her first child, Hank Baskett IV.

    The nine-pound, five-ounce baby was born in Carmel, Indiana just after midnight.

    Does that instantly make him a Colts fan no matter where his poppa plays?

9. Kendra Exposed

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    In May of this year, a sex tape involving Wilkinson and a former fling surfaced.

    It was released by Vivid Entertainment under the title Kendra Exposed soon after it was discovered.

    And no, I'm not posting the link. This is a PG site.

8. Trouble with Hank?

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    Hmm, I wonder what happens when your husband discovers that you made a sex tape back in the day, and it's set to be released for the entire world to see.

    Well, I'm certain nothing good can come out of it.

    And as you might imagine, Baskett was not happy about the situation.

7. Did the Couple Visit Splitsville?

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    After the release of Kendra Exposed, rumors began to surface that the couple was on the outs because Baskett was furious about the sex tape in general, and that Wilkinson allegedly tried to sell it.

    There are so many conflicting reports out there.  I'm not sure they ever split over the summer, although it appeared that was the way they were headed.

    But what about now?

6. Did the Couple Work It Out?

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    Rumors about the couple calling it quits have run rampant ever since the release of the sex tape, but it appears those rumors were just that: rumors.

    Wilkinson and Baskett are not headed for divorce, but they are temporarily splitting.

    It's not what you think though.

5. The "Split"

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    Baskett and Wilkinson have split up, but they're not done as a couple.

    The two are apart from each other because Baskett's doing his thing in the NFL—does he ever actually play?—and Wilkinson is in the process of relocating to Los Angeles.

    I'm not sure that bodes too well for their future.

4. Kendra a Fan of Quickies?

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    Baskett is busy playing football, and Wilkinson stays busy raising little Hank these days.

    So how does the couple make up for lost time?

    Well, Wilkinson told PEOPLE magazine that she loves to engage in quickie lovemaking sessions because she's "all about those."


3. The Test Shoot

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    During the season premiere of her self-titled reality show last night, the former Girls Next Door star went through a trial shoot at the couple's condo.

    Wilkinson apparently wanted to do the shoot before deciding whether or not she would pose for Playboy once again.

    It would be her fourth time appearing in a pictorial for the magazine.


2. Hank Baskett Wears the Pants in the Family?

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    Baskett didn't like Wilkinson's motivation behind doing the magazine.

    He had a problem with Wilkinson doing it to prove that she's still hot despite being a mother.

    Trust me, Kendra.

    I don't think there's anything left for you to prove.

1. "Kendra"

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    A possible divorce, Playboy parties and Wilkinson's laugh just scratch the surface of the unparalleled theater on Wilkinson's reality series.

    So if you want to see more of the captivating drama between Baskett and Wilkinson, check out the new season of "Kendra" on E! on Sunday nights.

    You can't miss it.