Philadelphia Eagles vs. Indianapolis Colts: Thoughts From the Stands

Darren GrossmanCorrespondent INovember 8, 2010

Samuel's 2 INTs of Manning helped propel the Eagles to a tough 26-24 win
Samuel's 2 INTs of Manning helped propel the Eagles to a tough 26-24 winJim McIsaac/Getty Images

I will start by saying that I am very excited the Eagles won Sunday, but as I was sitting in my seat in section 130 yesterday, I wanted to write a column about what the live crowd was thinking during the game. 

I wanted people to get to hear what the fans in the stands were talking about during the game. Even though we won, even after the game, the talk was about the officiating.

After the game, Andy Reid took the high road because well, he could. The team won the game despite numerous terrible calls. At one point, Reid even asked WIP reporter Howard Eskin if he had some money to pay the fine, meaning if Reid said anything bad about the officials, he would get fined. 

I hate that rule personally. If the officials are terrible, why aren't they held accountable? Why can't the head coach say the officiating was absolutely terrible? Someone needs to hold these officials accountable when they do a terrible job.

So, since I can't get fined, I will come out and say what Reid wanted to say. The officiating at Lincoln Financial Field was pathetic. The officials clearly had no clue what they were doing. I paid to watch a football game, and instead, I saw a flag show. A yellow flag show.

The Eagles were flagged for 14 penalties for 125 yards. The Colts were only flagged for seven. The Eagles have had a few games this year with a huge penalty discrepancy. Many people in the crowd were yelling about a conspiracy theory that the NFL didn't want the dog killer to beat the golden boy. 

I don't know if I buy that, although it was funny. I just think that this officiating crew was incompetent.  First, the flag on the hit on Collie was ridiculous. It was a completely legal hit, and if hits like that are drawing flags, then they may as well put flags on the players and not tackle at all. If you throw into triple coverage, what do you expect to happen?

I hope Collie is okay, but the hit was still legal. There is no doubt about that. It was shoulder to shoulder.

The officials also missed several calls the other way, including a blatant late hit out of bounds on Vick, a blatant facemask on LeSean McCoy, a block in the back on Samuel, and a hit to the head on Celek that was far worse than the one they flagged on Collie. 

There was also a play where Trent Cole got absolutely mugged, spun around and thrown to the ground in the last drive, but there was no flag.

The Trent Cole flag on the last drive was also pathetic for unnecessary roughness. If glancing the QB in the head inadvertently is going to draw a flag, then again, they need to put flags on the QB. I miss the NFL where big hits were applauded, or when guys were actually allowed to tackle.

Penalties actually gave the Colts two of their touchdowns. It is amazing the Eagles still won the game despite all the officiating blunders. In the crowd, we kept saying the score was Eagles 26, Colts 10, Officials 14. Haha.

Moving on from the officiating, I thought the Eagles got a huge win in a game they had to get. Andy Reid was dancing in the locker room afterward, which was hilarious. I have to give Sean McDermott credit, the Eagles defense played their best game of the season in my opinion against a good team.

I still think he is a lousy coordinator, but I have to give him credit for this game, he did a good job.

The offense moved the ball well all day, although they struggled in the red zone.  Vick made some big plays with his legs and the offensive line did a good job protecting him.

I thought the MVP for the Eagles was Asante Samuel, his two interceptions were huge. After the game, the fans went home happy, but you know the officiating was awful when you win and people were still complaining about it.

It was an exciting day at Lincoln Financial Field. The crowd was lively all day, and the fans were into the game. The big complaints were about the officiating but in the end, the Eagles got a win they had to get. I lost my voice screaming and cheering.