Philadelphia Eagles vs. Indianapolis Colts: Tired of Hearing About Sides?

Darren GrossmanCorrespondent INovember 5, 2010

Asante Samuel is our best CB so put him on their best WR!
Asante Samuel is our best CB so put him on their best WR!Al Bello/Getty Images

This headline might confuse you...sides?  What sides is he talking about? The answer is simple, I am so sick of hearing about CB Asante Samuel and what side he plays on.  I am sick of the excuses. 

Well, Reggie Wayne plays on the left side, so he will be covered by Patterson.  What does that even mean?  In a game where WRs are often in motion and many teams play man to man defense, are you telling me that a CB can't run across the field to the other side?

I have no idea why I am the only person who finds this a ridiculous notion.  I miss the NFL I grew up with, the days where the best CBs, Deion Sanders, Charles Woodson, Rod Woodson and Eric Allen covered the best WRs. 

I miss Bobby Taylor covering Michael Irvin.  I miss Deion Sanders matching up with a team's best WR and shutting him down.  I've never been a Deion fan, but I miss the days where defenses made sense!

I will be at Lincoln Financial Field Sunday and I really pray that I see one matchup all day on Sunday.  I want to see our $10+ million dollar cornerback Asante Samuel following Reggie Wayne around all day.  I don't care if Wayne is on the right side, left side or in the backfield.  I want Samuel on him, and I want him on him all day.

We paid for a marquee cornerback for a reason.  Samuel is one of the highest paid players on the team and you are telling me that defensive coordinator Sean McDermott won't match him up with Reggie Wayne because he lines up on the left?  I don't care if he lines up on the moon, send Samuel after him!

Dmitiri Patterson is making his first start as an Eagle this week, filling in for the injured and ineffective Ellis Hobbs.  A Patterson/Wayne matchup is such a drastic mismatch, it's crazy.  I'm not convinced Patterson could cover me, let alone Reggie Wayne. 

Even if they double Wayne with Nate Allen, it is a mismatch.  Allen is a rookie and is often out of position. We saw how well doubling the other team's best WR worked against Tennessee.  Only 225 yards and three touchdowns later, we saw what a great idea that was.

So I have decided I am done with the ridiculous excuses.  These guys have played football most of their lives.  Cornerback is not a position side matters much.  Left side, right side, who cares? 

Put the best CB on the team on the other team's best WR and let's see who wins the battle.  If Wayne beats Samuel badly, then fine, change it up.  It's called making adjustments.  Other teams do it, and I believe it is within the rules for the Eagles to do it too. 

Just stop with the ridiculous side argument.  Stop telling me I won't get our best cover CB on their best WR because he runs to the opposite end of the field.  It's beyond stupid.  Isn't the other team supposed to try to keep their best guy away from our best guy? That's called a gameplan.  

Our gameplan should be to stop them from doing that.  So why do we let them do it?  How hard is it to tell a professional athlete to run across the field?  Seems simple enough to me.  Right side, left side, slot, backfield, hey, Asante, follow Reggie Wayne.  End of discussion.