Oakland Raiders: When You're Hot You're Hot, but This Team Is on Fire!

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IINovember 5, 2010

Vince felt the toughness of the RAIDER defense, Matt Cassell should prepare for certain PAIN
Vince felt the toughness of the RAIDER defense, Matt Cassell should prepare for certain PAINJoe Robbins/Getty Images

 The Oakland Raiders have returned! Not only by playing one of their greatest games in Denver, but also by playing some good football and proving the media giants announcers wrong! All of a sudden the media is acknowledging what billions of Raider fans already knew. The Boys are Back in Town!

   Prior season start, Raiders coach Tom Cable stated that they were going for the AFC West title. Lo and Behold, the Raiders are 4-4 and in second place at the half way point. Arrrrrggghh

  At the start of the season they appeared out of sync and although they played hard there were still some small imperfections that led to huge losses i.e Arizona Cardinals.

   There has also been the issue of which QB is the bread winner. Actually, when it comes to being on fire, there are two players literally burning up in Oakland and they would be the QB Jason Campbell who has picked up his play since the  " please let that game disappear" SF loss. He played a wonderful game against the Denver Broncos and left them with the bitterest taste ever as they handed the worst beating in Denver Broncos history! Al Davis has to love that! I loved that!

    Second is RB Darren McFadden who is no longer a rookie and last season was on the injured list.. This season, is just the opposite! Darren McFadden is burning up the gridiron as he currently has 4 TD with 668 yards! On track to become a 1000 yd RB this season.

  The Oakland Raiders will be on fire at home as they now challenge the KC City Chiefs. Payback time again for the Chiefs? Darren McFadden blazing a trail against the Chiefs this weekend should not only prove to the critics that the Oakland Raiders are back, it will be another win in their rise to claim the AFC West title!!

  Of course, all the work cant all fall on the shoulders of RB Darren McFadden. It will be the efforts of RB Michael Bush, TE Zach Miller, QB Jason Campbell, WR Darrius Heyward-Bey and hopefully CB Nnamndi Asomugha who had a foot injury last week. Why Jason Campbell  at QB you may ask? or Shouldn't Bruce Gradkowski be the starting QB?

  Jason Campbell has more winning games. Its that simple. I believe that if Campbell begins to have a tough time if it against the Chiefs, then bring in my favorite QB for the Oakland Raiders, Bruce "Almighty" Gradkowski !!

  The Kansas City Chiefs are a good team and they have played well. they have great players like Jamaal Charles, Matt Cassell and Thomas Jones. But in the Silver and Black coliseum it will mean DOOM!

   Meet the new Legion of Doom in Oakland. Richard Seymour, Kamerion Wimbley, Mike Mitchell and Rolando McClain.

  The Oakland Raiders have been in the pits for a few years now and Al Davis has been working on bringing the "domination" in NFL football back to the Raiders! The Raiders have already handed opponents Denver Broncos and the San Diego Chargers humiliating losses. 

  It would appear that the Kansas City Chiefs are preparing to meet their maker when they come to Oakland. The Raider defense is a ferocious beast with fangs to shred. Although McFadden and Campbell/ Gradkowski  will manage the time well, I sincerely feel it will be that tough Raiders defense that defeats the Chiefs.

 The Oakland Raiders are on a roll and with a win will be unstoppable. I am well aware of the following schedule but darn it , it means nothing to the MIB, because thats why they are the Oakland Raiders! They do not fear anyone and  no one can easily say they will defeat the Raiders. I predict a Raiders AFC playoff. Not sure who they will play but if any team in the NFL can set records and win against all odds, that would be the legendary Oakland Raiders! Burn baby burn those Chiefs!