NFL Power Rankings Week 9: Please Wake Chan Gailey Up From His Nightmare

Danny DolphinAnalyst INovember 4, 2010

ORCHARD PARK, NY - OCTOBER 10: Chan Gailey, head coach of the Buffalo Bills stands on the sidelines against the Jacksonville Jaguars at Ralph Wilson Stadium on October 10, 2010 in Orchard Park, New York. Jacksonville won 36-26. (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)
Rick Stewart/Getty Images

1. Patriots (6-1) – They get rid of Randy Moss and get better?

2. Ravens (5-2) – Joe Flacco doesn’t impress me with his accuracy (59%). Upset alert.

3. Giants (5-2) – Easily tops in the NFC.

4. Steelers (5-2) – Teams are realizing the way to beat Pittsburgh is through the air.

5. Falcons (5-2) – Look for the “Dirty Birds” to run all over the Bucs defense (They give up 5.2 yards per rush).

6. Saints (5-3) – They weren’t going to stay down for long. When there’s a Brees, there’s a way.

7. Colts (5-2) – Having an elite quarterback every year is fun.

8. Jets (5-2) – The defense is fantastic, but will the offense be formidable enough to make noise over the long haul?

9. Titans (5-3) – They took a wildcard on Randy Moss, who could turn this team elite or bring them down.

10. Texans (4-3) – They’re always right there at this point of the season. It’s time for them to take the next step.

11. Chiefs (5-2) – They really run it with efficiency (5.2 YPC) behind a nasty group of lineman that aren’t afraid to knock some heads. That front office and coaching staff is incredible.

12. Dolphins (4-3) – They’re going to have to make some big plays through the air to take out the Ravens on the road this week. This is why you sign a guy like Marshall.

13. Packers (5-3) – Wesley Matthews is a monster rushing the passer and a difference maker for that defense.

14. Eagles (4-3) – Let’s see if Vick can return with the same punch as earlier in the season. Will he have a fear to run? Slide my man!

15. Bucs (5-2) – In games against teams with winning records, they lost both badly (Saints, Steelers). A true test this week against Atlanta.

16. Rams (4-4) – I really like this team: They’re young, hungry and on the rise.

17. Raiders (4-4) – They’ve definitely exceeded expectations.

18. Seahawks (4-3) – One of those teams I can’t fathom being above .500. Oh right, they’re in the NFC West.

19. Redskins (4-4) – This McNabb drama is bizarre. For a standout guy that doesn’t say anything bad about anybody, he sure attracts the headlines.

20. Jaguars (4-4) – David Garrard is the NFL’s Jekyll and Hyde.

21. Bears (4-3) – I’d bet big they don’t make the playoffs.

22. Chargers (3-5) – Why so inconsistent?

23. Vikings (2-5) – Will the departure of Randy Moss really make them a better football team?

24. Cardinals (3-4) – Calling Kurt Warner.

25. Lions (2-5) – They should be much, much better next year.

26. Bengals (2-5) – What happend to Carson Palmer?

27. Browns (2-5) – Change the uniforms please.

28. Broncos (2-6) – Change the coach.

29. Niners (2-6) – Sadly can still make the playoffs.

30. Cowboys (1-6) – I think Jerry Jones should fire himself.

31. Panthers (1-6) – Ew.

32. Bills (0-7) – They should write a horror documentary on the life of a Bills fan.