NFL Power Rankings Week 9: Please Wake Chan Gailey Up From His Nightmare

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NFL Power Rankings Week 9: Please Wake Chan Gailey Up From His Nightmare
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1. Patriots (6-1) – They get rid of Randy Moss and get better?

2. Ravens (5-2) – Joe Flacco doesn’t impress me with his accuracy (59%). Upset alert.

3. Giants (5-2) – Easily tops in the NFC.

4. Steelers (5-2) – Teams are realizing the way to beat Pittsburgh is through the air.

5. Falcons (5-2) – Look for the “Dirty Birds” to run all over the Bucs defense (They give up 5.2 yards per rush).

6. Saints (5-3) – They weren’t going to stay down for long. When there’s a Brees, there’s a way.

7. Colts (5-2) – Having an elite quarterback every year is fun.

8. Jets (5-2) – The defense is fantastic, but will the offense be formidable enough to make noise over the long haul?

9. Titans (5-3) – They took a wildcard on Randy Moss, who could turn this team elite or bring them down.

10. Texans (4-3) – They’re always right there at this point of the season. It’s time for them to take the next step.

11. Chiefs (5-2) – They really run it with efficiency (5.2 YPC) behind a nasty group of lineman that aren’t afraid to knock some heads. That front office and coaching staff is incredible.

12. Dolphins (4-3) – They’re going to have to make some big plays through the air to take out the Ravens on the road this week. This is why you sign a guy like Marshall.

13. Packers (5-3) – Wesley Matthews is a monster rushing the passer and a difference maker for that defense.

14. Eagles (4-3) – Let’s see if Vick can return with the same punch as earlier in the season. Will he have a fear to run? Slide my man!

15. Bucs (5-2) – In games against teams with winning records, they lost both badly (Saints, Steelers). A true test this week against Atlanta.

16. Rams (4-4) – I really like this team: They’re young, hungry and on the rise.

17. Raiders (4-4) – They’ve definitely exceeded expectations.

18. Seahawks (4-3) – One of those teams I can’t fathom being above .500. Oh right, they’re in the NFC West.

19. Redskins (4-4) – This McNabb drama is bizarre. For a standout guy that doesn’t say anything bad about anybody, he sure attracts the headlines.

20. Jaguars (4-4) – David Garrard is the NFL’s Jekyll and Hyde.

21. Bears (4-3) – I’d bet big they don’t make the playoffs.

22. Chargers (3-5) – Why so inconsistent?

23. Vikings (2-5) – Will the departure of Randy Moss really make them a better football team?

24. Cardinals (3-4) – Calling Kurt Warner.

25. Lions (2-5) – They should be much, much better next year.

26. Bengals (2-5) – What happend to Carson Palmer?

27. Browns (2-5) – Change the uniforms please.

28. Broncos (2-6) – Change the coach.

29. Niners (2-6) – Sadly can still make the playoffs.

30. Cowboys (1-6) – I think Jerry Jones should fire himself.

31. Panthers (1-6) – Ew.

32. Bills (0-7) – They should write a horror documentary on the life of a Bills fan.

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